Help manage Ely’s riverside moorings

Boaters, residents and local businesses have the chance to help shape the way moorings are managed along Ely’s Riverside.

East Cambridgeshire District Council had been working to extend the existing Mooring Byelaw which had a ‘no return for 48 hour’ clause to provide a consistent enforcement approach for visitors.

However, during the final stages of this work, an outside representation was made to the Secretary of State regarding the legality of the existing and proposed Mooring Byelaw. After seeking legal advice, the Council had no option but to revoke the existing and proposed Mooring Byelaws in October.

Over the last month, a range of alternative solutions to manage the moorings have been considered by a group of interested parties to identify and shape the most effective policy suitable for the stretch of riverside.

The idea proposed is to issue a ‘mooring charge notice’ to boaters for overstaying a specified length of stay.

The Council is now looking to consult with a wider audience about ways to ensure this solution will be able to pay for itself without costing the local council tax payer any additional money.

Cllr Richard Hobbs, Chairman of Commercial Services Committee, said: “The Riverside is an important gateway into Ely as visitors arrive via the River Great Ouse. The challenge we have is to make sure boaters have access to the limited number of moorings by the river to ensure local businesses can benefit from tourism trade. Over recent months we have been working very hard with local residents, interested parties and boating organisations to find a solution which we feel is fair for all. We believe our solution could be the best approach but we want to hear the views of others.”

To have your say please complete the questionnaire that can be found at – click on the ‘consultations’ tab to find more details including a map of the area and the questionnaire.

The decision around how the Council will manage its moorings in future will be made at the Commercial Services Committee Meeting being held on Tuesday 3 March 2015, with the preferred option being implemented by the summer of 2015.

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