Ely’s Riverside Improvements

Ely’s Riverside is in the middle of an evolution to ensure it remains a place to relax and enjoy the best of the city.

Over the last few months, ‘no cycling’ signs have been removed and new duck feeding signs have been introduced to highlight where and what the public should feed ducks and other wildfowl on the river.

Work is also set to begin next week on installing solar lighting along the Riverside path to make it easier for pedestrians to walk safely along the area in the evenings and at night.

Once this work has been completed the next stage of the plan will begin to widen and improve the Lavender Green footpath and mooring areas in addition to tree work to enhance the area.

The progress being made is thanks to the Ely Riverside Improvement Plan which has been developed with partners, local groups in consultation with members of the public.

Councillor Richard Hobbs, Chairman of Commercial Services Committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “Over the summer, we have seen life return to Ely’s Riverside thanks to a host of events, the efforts of new restaurants and the implementation of the Improvement Plan. The progress we have made has been helped considerably by the feedback from the public, who highlighted the areas they wanted improved. For example, the new duck feeding signs have been erected as a response to suggestions from the public for more information while the new solar lighting is set to subtly illuminate the riverside like never before. So if you haven’t been to the river for a while go down and see how is has become a place we should all cherish.”

For more information please call 01353 665555 or visit: www.eastcambs.gov.uk.

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