Needham’s Foundation is a Charitable Trust registered with the Charity Commission, the purpose of which is to provide financial assistance for the advancement of education, to schools and individuals in the City of Ely.

Needhams Hall The Trust was founded from the estate of Mrs. Catherine Needham who died in 1730, leaving in her will the financial means to build and maintain a School for Poor Boys in the City of Ely. The school was duly built on Back Hill and functioned as intended by Mrs. Needham from then until the 1950s when the school moved to Downham Road. By then, the building had been acquired by the Local Education Authority and, in 1995, the Governors of Needham’s Foundation took the opportunity to re-purchase the building and to have it extensively restored and renovated. The building has since been leased by the Governors to the King’s School and renamed the Catherine Needham Art Centre. To this day it is a fine building standing near the top of Back Hill (see pic left) with an eye-catching plaque  (see pic below) on the facing wall, commemorating the founder Mrs. Needham.

With the passing of the Education Act of 1909, the Charity Commission approved a change to the original purpose of the Trust, which now provides direct financial assistance to the schools in the City of Ely and also to individuals residing and/or educated in the City. Needham’s Foundation is managed by Representative Governors appointed by the Bishop of Ely, the Dean and Chapter of Ely Cathedral, the Cambridgeshire County Council and the City of Ely Council, as well as Co-optative Governors.

Individuals wishing to apply for financial assistance can download a printable application form which explains the eligibility and purpose for which financial assistance may be granted. The form can be printed out for completion and mailing off-line by normal means.

the plaque

Download Application Form In Word format file name: CLICK HERE.
The completed form is to be returned to:
Mrs Jennifer Millard, The Beeches, 79 Ely Road, Little Downham, Ely. Cambridgeshire. CB6 2SN.
01353 699043 -

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