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Ely Cathedral

Ely Cathedral

Ely is famous of course for its Cathedral. Below are links to pages relating to Ely Cathedral:

Cathedral Photos – Recent external photos of Ely Cathedral (and other landmarks in Ely).

Inside Ely Cathedral – Recent photos taken inside Ely Cathedral.

General Ely Cathedral Information – general information about Ely Cathedral including links to the Cathedral’s official website.

Virgin Mary Statue – Information and views regarding the controversial statue of The Virgin Mary by David Wynne which is situated inside the Cathedral’s Lady Chapel.

Stained Glass Museum – link to the Ely Stained Glass Museum which is also situated inside Ely Cathedral.

The Canon On The Green – the story of the cannon on the green in front of The Cathedral.

Photos From The Tower of Ely Cathedral – some great photos taken recently from the Great West Tower of Ely Cathedral!