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"Follow my civic duties as the recently reintroduced Ely Town Crier from here and be sure to come and see me perform when you can..."


TC duties for Sat 14th June.

At approx: 10.45am and 1.30pm I will be crying for the "Get out and Walk" Campaign...My cry will be........

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez!
Citizens of Ely and visitors to our City.
Let it be known to all persons here gathered, that today marks the start of the "Get out and Walk" campaign raising awareness of the City as a "Paradise for Pedestrians"
Visit the information stall and learn about Ely's wildlife, cycle trails and walks. there will be guided walks at 11am and 2pm of the clock, starting from the stall and led by Mr. tony fletcher, that worthy repository of local knowledge, who will show citizens how easy it is to get to "out of town" rambles.
Don't sit by computer or telly,
'twill turn your leg muscles to jelly.
Meet people and talk...get out and walk!
Go put on the trusty green welly!
God Save the Queen.

2pm I am opening the Guides and Brownies Division Fun Day.......my cry will be...

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez,
Citizens of Ely and visitors to our City..
Let it be known that today the Brownies and Guides are holding their Division Fun Day.
Each unit is providing a Festical stall from around the world and girls will have a passport to be stamped at each venue.
The Guides will have a reporting challenge of producing an audio tape as if for a radio programme and earning points towards a trophy for the winning unit.
There will be dancing from Khumber Crew and fun and merriment for all.
Don't sit at your PC and hide...
There's a whole world just waiting outside.
Goode works to be done...in friendship and fun.
Join up...be a Bronie or Guide!
Let the fun begin!
God Save the Queen!

Ely Online - 1st with the New's from Ely's Town Crier...

Last Saturday I gave information about the water feature for Jubilee Gardens... On the morning of the 12th I will announce that our dear Mayor Shirley as she prepares to install it..then go on to announce guests at the Sponsors Reception.

I hereby announce the sale of ballons on May 17th for the Season of Music starting on 24th May...the profit from these sales will go towards Friends of Jubilee Gardens fundraising.....

Also Guides of Ely are holding a Division Day on June 14th and would like me to be at the opening ceremony..2pm....City of Ely College...

I will be welcoming 5 V.I.Ps on Saturday morning as part of the Diamond 44 campaign. In 1944 the boat race could not be held on the Thames due to the war and was held here on the Gt. Ouse. Jack Waterfall has had the idea to re-enact the whole thing in 2004 so has formed a committee and actually tracked down 5 members of the original crews.

They are coming Saturday to a reception at the City Council Chambers and then will be brought to the Cloisters entrance where I will shout a welcoming proclamation and then hand them copies of this tied up with appropriate colour ribbons. We then go to view the exhibition in the Ely Library (I believe they have found some Pathe News footage) and then through Jubilee Gardens to pick up the barge Georgina and then cover the original course......then back to attend the Srvice of thanks in the Cathedral for the retiring Lord Leuitenant.

yours in ringing tones.Avril



This competition runs every year for St. Georges Day and is for the Ashes...against the Australians. the ashes are the actual ashes of an old linen proclamation. The guy dressed as John Bull won, Robert Needham from Colchester and we won the ashes back.

"Last weekend I took part in the 8th St. Georges Day Town Crier Competition in Peterborough. It turned out to be a brilliant day! Pearl Capewell (Peterborugh Town Crier) and the Town criers visiting made me feel so welcome and I received a commendation from the President of the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers which means that I can now become a member. There were Town Criers there from Australia and Holland.....(the Dutch National Champion infact!) and it was just amazing to see their costumes and different styles of Town Crying. I had a new outfit made for the occasion and I am now "crying" in the Market Place in Ely most Saturdays during the summer season at noon and 1pm......if it is not too hot I will bring my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel "Sophie" with me....she also has a Town Crier coat..L"


Wednesday the 10th sees the start of a series of 4 days called "School days in Ely Cathedral" attended by over 1500 children.

The theme for this years days is "Famous People" and there will be a mix of storytelling, craft activities and trails culminating in an Act of worship in the afternoon.

Wednesday the 10th & Tuesday the 15th I will preceed the Mayor of Ely into the Cathedral to meet the children and answer their questions.

Part of the days will include a competition when pupils can devise a message that they would like the town crier to shout out to tell everyone an interesting piece of news or information about their school..the most interesting and concise will win.

I enjoy working with children so I am looking forward to it.

Yours in ringing tones, Avabell.


I will be out and about the town tomorrow 23rd of August to proclaim for the Ely and District Horticultural Society...75th Grand Autumn Show at the Paradise Sports Hall on 24th and 25th.

1st cry at noon on Market Square.




Town Crier duty for Thursday 15th August
Mayors tour of allotments......proclaiming at approx 10.30am market square

I usually choose a child to be my bellminder while I make a proclamation....

this one is taking the job very seriously..!

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Citizens of Ely and visitors to our city......

By order of East Cambs Local Agenda 21 and the City of Ely allotments
Association, I am straightly commanded to let be known to all persons here gathered.that today, her Worshipful the Mayor of Ely, Cllr Shirley Overall will today make a tour of the city's allotments in a pony and trap.

The aim of her tour is to encourage all goode citizens to grow their own
fruit and vegetables on one of the city's allotments.

The allotment sites are situated on Stuntney Road.with magnificent cathedral views...Upherds Lane, a small site in a desirable residential are and New Barnes, a friendly site even if it is next to the cemetery!

Allotments reduce pollution, help wildlife and provide fresh fruit and veg
for all the family to enjoy!

They provide exercise , fresh air and a feeling of self esteem.

Sign up for your allotment today!

God Save the Queen!

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Citizens of Ely and visitors to our City...

By order of the Trustees of the organisation known as Homestart ..
which supports families in the East Cambridgeshire area...

I am straightly commanded to let it be known to all persons here gathered...
that today, between the hours of 10am - 3pm of the clock...

Homestart are holding their Annual General Meeting and their first public Open Day, at the Cathedral Centre, Palace Green in this City of Ely...
to which all interested citizens and their children are invited.
For the children there will be Storytelling in the morning: Mr. Rainbow's magic show, with puppets and songs: Face Painting and many fun things. There will be a photographer to take your family photographs & Arts and Crafts: The prestigious speaker at the meeting will be Alison Broadhurst. the Chairperson of the East Cambridgeshire and Fenland Primary Care Trust. Refreshments will be on sale throughout the day plus lots of information on local services for families. Including information on groups such as Directions Plus: The Goodnight Sitting Service and Opportunity Links.

Just go along and drop in between the hours of 10 & 3 of the clock.

God Save the Queen!


Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

Be it known that this NATIONAL CRY is being proclaimed throughout the United Kingdom by 100 Town Criers,

at the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the month of June,

in this year of our Lord, two thousand and two. Therefore give heed and take note that this day sees the Launch

of the campaign to bid the people of this land ; DON'T CHOKE BRITAIN, LET IT BREATHE! ! !

The campaign is to persuade people of all ages, from all parts of this beautiful land, to leave their cars at home, just occasionally,


Help reduce the fumes and emissions in our towns and cities, prevent increases in asthma and lung-related illnesses,

and make us a healthy nation in this, the Golden Jubilee Year of our Gracious Queen, Elizabeth the Second. _:":

As Town Crier for this fair Town (CITY) I call upon all persons present to hear this. ...LET BRITAIN BREATH E, reduce the use of your cars and WALK, CYCLE, USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT FOR A SAFER AND HEALTHIER LIFE !

God Save the Queen !

The Queens Golden Jubilee 2002 - ELY


old own crier Ely's brand new Town Crier Avril Hayter (part sponsored by Ely On-Line) made her debut recently performing various duties including announcing the arrival of Santa - read all about it in our special new Ely Town Crier Section......

Click here for a sound sample of Avril's First proclamation!

I am currently reading "Cromwell's Ely" by Reg Holmes and have come across this section which provides further proof on Ely having had Town Criers in the past. It is contained in the section titled "Misdemeanours and Foul Speeches" regarding the bad feeling of the local commoners to the draining of the Fens and to the Judicial power of the clergy around 1636. Edward Powell was indicted and condemned for his actions.

The section states "When his Majesty was at Newmarket in Lent last year ye said Powell gave ye Cryer of Ely 2d and caused him to make proclamation thro ye towne that all that would should meet ye next morne at ye Market Place to go to ye King with a petition about their fennes".

So it also seem that the practice of being able to privately hire the Ely Town Crier existed back then - a tradition which will be continued with the new Ely Town Crier!

Click here for the full story..!