Ely Online Archive Page

Ely Online has been in existence since 1996, and in this section we present links to some of the old pages and articles that are still online.

At this point we would also like to pay tribute to Mick Gillett who sadly is no longer with us, but who compiled most of this historic material and whose creativity and originality made Ely Online what it was back then.

Take a trip down memory lane!

Cauliflower Drove – the first online soap written by John Glover. Featured on BBC Look East and serialised first on Ely Online.

Cratendune (inc. The Search For Cratendune) – information about the “lost” Anglo Saxon city of Cratendune said to be situated near Ely.

The 1990 Bank Holiday Sunday Parade.

Ely’s Town Crier – Information about Ely’s Town Crier and the election to appoint the first modern Town Crier in Ely. Ely Online actually sponsored the first modern Town Crier by purchasing her outfit!

Time Team In Ely – Tony Robinson and Channel 4’s Time Team visited Ely in 2000  to excavate what is now Jubilee Park.

Ely Folk Festival 1999 – a review of 1999’s Ely Folk Festival back in the days when it was held in Ely’s (what was then called) Pocket Park.

Ely Folk Festival 2000 – A review by John Glover & Lee Gillett.

Ely Folk Festival 2002 – A review of the 2002 Ely Folk Festival by the Ely Online Crew.

Ely Folk Festival 2003 – A review of the 2003 Ely Folk Festival by the Ely Online Crew.

Ely Folk Festival 2004 – A review by John Glover.

Anne Debondt – Anne wrote many humourous and hard-hitting articles for Ely Online dating from 1998 onwards. She was not afraid to upset people and her writings are still entertaining today:  Who Is Anne Debondt?1998/99 Archive2000 Archive2001 Archive2002 Archive2003 Archive2004 ArchiveNew Year 2005.

Oliver Cromwell – the report of how the Ely Online team went to the BBC to support Oliver Cromwell in “The Greatest Briton”.

Ely Aquafest 2002 – a look back at earlier Aquafests.

Ely Aquafest 2003

Under Construction – The Changing Face of Ely – articles and photos showing developments underway in Ely from 1999. Includes The Cloisters Shopping Centre, The Paradise Pool, Jubilee Park etc.

The 1999 Solar Eclipse – as photographed by the Ely Online crew.

Saint Audrey’s Fair 2000 – Ely’s St. Audrey’s Fair as it was in the year 2000.

Bedwell Hey – Brian Watson goes off in search of the “lost village” of Bedwell Hey.

Dennis of Grunty Fen – this much loved vocal yokel sadly also no longer with us.

Diana Princess of Wales – Ely Online tribute and Diana’s links to Ely.

Millennium Dome – Ely Online report on a visit to The Millennium Dome.

Ely Cathedral Electricity – Report about how The Cathedral is powered.

Reg Dixon – Reg was the pen name of a local writer who went on to great success with Cauliflower Drove. Explore the strange world of Reg Dixon.

Ely Cathedral Photos – by Martin Lupton. These photos date from the late 1990s.

The Littleport Riots – the story of The Littleport Riots.

The Queen’s Golden Jubilee in Ely

The Opening of Jubilee Gardens by The Duke Of Edinburgh

17th Century Living History Day (24th June 2000)

It’s A Knockout 2001 (Charity Event in which Ely Online had a team taking part).