Ely Sinfonia presents Dvořák AND MAHLER – Ely Cathedral Saturday April 30th 2022

Ely Sinfonia

THE LUSH TONES OF MAHLER AND Dvořák TO RING OUT IN ELY CATHEDRAL as community orchestra returns in force.

Ely Sinfonia to play Mahler’s glorious Symphony no 1 and Dvořák Serenade for Strings in truly romantic concert

Ely Cathedral, Saturday 30 April 2022, 7.30pm

Ely Sinfonia returns to Ely Cathedral on Saturday 30th April 2022 with a concert that really looks forward to spring and then summer with two of the most romantic pieces in the musical repertoire. Mahler’s Symphony No 1 was one of the most innovative pieces of music of its time, yet sadly is not performed nearly enough. Contrasting with this is Dvořák’s luxurious Serenade for Strings, filled with luxuriant melodies and rhythmic Czech folk music.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, Ely Sinfonia has worked hard to retain its identity as the community orchestra for East Cambridgeshire. It returned with a chamber concert in September 2021 and has played in several services in Ely Cathedral, the most recent on Easter Sunday, when a group of its players joined the Cathedral choirs in the main orchestral mass of the day. However, this will be the orchestra’s first full concert since restrictions were lifted and will be a real celebration of community music at its best.

The first performance, in 1889, of Mahler’s Symphony no 1 (now known as Titan) was not a great success. Its strange jumble of musical timbres, the calls of birds in the forest instead of the sweet tones of Beethoven that listeners were used to, the dances and climaxes, the gloomy double basses, the burlesque and triumph were all too much for audiences of the time. But by the time of Mahler’s death, his work had been discovered for its true genius and it is now considered some of the most delicious of all orchestral music.

The concert starts with Dvořák’s delightful Serenade for Strings, first performed just fifteen years before Mahler’s first symphony, yet very different in tone and colour. It is a perfect example of the composer’s warmth, charm and lyrical assuredness. Despite the fact that Dvořák was relatively unknown at the time, it was an instant success and helped to make his name. It has remained a concert favourite ever since.

Tickets for the concert start at £10 and are available from Ely Cathedral Box Office, tel 01353 660349, email box.office@elycathedral.org or online from https://tickets.elycathedral.org. We ask audience members to wear masks if possible.

To find out more about Ely Sinfonia, visit www.elysinfonia.co.uk – to ask about joining, call 01353 721007 or email publicity@elysinfonia.co.uk.

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About Ely Sinfonia

Ely Sinfonia is the first ever high quality ensemble to be based in Ely. Launched in November 1999, it is made up of players of all ages and backgrounds, including school and college students, business professionals, retired individuals and local music teachers. The orchestra plays a wide range of music, from contemporary to mainstream, and has commissioned its own pieces as well as showcasing the work of young musicians such as the Cambridge Young Composer of the Year. Ely Sinfonia gives two or three full orchestral concerts every year, frequently takes part in local events such as the Isle of Ely Arts Festival and, in addition, provides smaller groups to play at events such as the Easter Day mass in Ely Cathedral. Teaching is a vital part of the orchestra’s mission and it runs annual training days and workshops for less experienced players and students, coached by professionals.

Ely Sinfonia was founded by a consortium of local arts organisations, led by ADeC (Arts Development in East Cambridgeshire), to become a beacon of excellence as East Cambridgeshire’s own community orchestra. It has more than lived up to this, particularly since local celebrity violinist, Steve Bingham, took over as artistic director.