Your storefront or office exterior can influence your brand’s reputation. If it appears messy, unattractive or vandalised, it will stand out in your visitors’ minds for the wrong reasons.

In order to wow every customer, client, supplier or investor, you must care for your exterior. Keep reading to discover some top tips on how to improve your company’s kerb appeal.

Clean Your Facade

Any traces of dirt, peeling paint, graffiti, stains, leaks or biological growth should be removed from the brickwork. You may need to hire professional industrial cleaning services to eradicate all marks from your property.

A team of experts will not only be able to spruce up your company’s façade, but also prevent further issues from arising which could cause serious damage to the building. It will ensure every guest has a positive first impression before they have even stepped inside your office, warehouse or store.

Change Your Signage

If your signage appears worn, outdated or doesn’t reflect your brand identity, look into replacing it. A fresh, modern sign can grab people’s attention, thus encouraging them to step inside your store and making it easier for visitors to find your workplace. When you need to rely on footfall traffic and are situated amongst other businesses, this small detail can make all the difference in attracting more customers.

Add Some Greenery

A splash of greenery can turn a dull exterior into an attractive space. Make your storefront look more appealing by lining the door with colorful hanging baskets. If you run an office, place symmetrical planters next to your entrance to add a pop of color and prove your company has great attention to detail.

Lay Down a Welcome Mat

Make your guests feel welcome from the moment they arrive by laying down a welcome mat. A welcome mat is a small yet powerful addition that can create a friendly, inviting space for visitors. Plus, it will allow them to wipe their feet before stepping inside, which can help you maintain a clean, attractive interior.

Sweep the Paving

Before you open your doors to customers or clients, don’t forget to sweep the paving. This can be done in as little as a few minutes, but can completely transform its appearance. You can also place any loose rubbish in the bin to ensure it doesn’t negatively impact your property’s kerb appeal.

Signpost Parking

Guests will not want to waste time searching for a parking space. If they cannot find your car park, they might turn around and drive back home – or worse, a competitor. For this reason, remember to provide clear signage to help visitors find your car park. It may be a small, practical change, but you can guarantee your customers will appreciate it.

Hide Your Bins

Every business will need to store rubbish in exterior bins, but you must ensure they aren’t on display at the front of the building. If possible, store the bins at the back of the property to prevent visitors from walking past unsightly, smelly bins.

By following the above steps, you can create a visually appealing, inviting exterior, allowing for potential customers, investors and business partners to form a positive first impression of your brand.

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