All of us would love to feel magical and youthful forever, but the aging process is gradual and inevitable.

For some people, it starts with the way they see themselves. Others make other changes in their life – diet, and exercise, for example. But some of us have an easier time than others. The truth is that healthy habits can’t reverse the damage done in our youth; they can only slow it down a bit (it’s not a bad tradeoff at all).

So How Can You Feel Younger For Longer?

Variety is the spice of life, so here are a few tips on how to keep things fresh.

Take Small Risks

A little excitement in your life can keep you feeling energized, increases your confidence, and helps you to let go of the fear of failing. This isn’t to suggest that you should be doing anything reckless. Start off with something small like making a small change to your routine, joining an evening class, trying a new hobby, or if you are looking for something a little more exciting, you could test your luck at

Fitness & Appearance

For some men in their 40s, 50s, and 60s who have been married for a long time, it’s all too easy to become a little complacent about appearance and fitness. Maintaining a healthy diet and getting regular exercise, including a good stretching routine, will help keep the middle-aged spread at bay. You will also feel younger if you keep your look up to date and don’t just wear jeans and a T-shirt.


Dancing is a great way to break from the mundane of everyday life. You can do this on your own, but if you have a partner, it’s even better (just be sure to check out their moves first). Even if you are feeling a little stiff and out of practice, don’t let that put you off. Start slowly and take it easy. There is no need to be the best dancer in the room; just having a good time will do.

Allow Time for Yourself

We often feel that taking time for ourselves is self-indulgent, but in fact, it can help us have a better perspective on life. The secret is to schedule a period which you will dedicate entirely to yourself each week. Do activities that give you pleasure, like going for a run, making yourself a cup of tea, or spending time with a pet. You don’t need to do much or be productive to achieve this – just spend some time being quiet and looking after yourself.

It’s good practice, too. You’ll think clearer, concentrate better and make more sense of what’s going on around you, and your day will feel miles longer than it actually is.

There are lots of ways for you to feel younger for longer, but the key is to keep them fun. People who feel younger often see the glass as half-full and put their faith in the idea that they will get better, rather than thinking they are already perfect.

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