The start of a romantic relationship is exciting. There’s the anticipation of the first kiss, the excitement when receiving a text, and the hope for a bright future together.

As the years pass by, you might fall into a routine, feel more comfortable with each other, and become content with your relationship stability.

While there is nothing wrong with losing the initial excitement, you may find you long for the butterflies and unpredictability. However, a long-term relationship doesn’t need to be boring or unromantic.

A little hard work and effort can keep the passion alive in your relationship. Unsure where to start? Read this guide to keeping the romance alive.

Embrace New Experiences Together

Embracing new experiences with your other half could increase your bond. It is believed it will activate the brain’s reward system, as it boosts norepinephrine and dopamine levels in the body.

The chemicals will resemble the highs you likely experienced at the start of your relationship.

Demonstrate Your Love

Revive lost or forgotten feelings by finding ways to demonstrate your love and affection for your spouse.

For example, hold them a little longer before stepping out the door for work, send them a loving text message during a busy day, or leave a love note on their pillow or mirror.

Stop Skipping Valentine’s Day

Many long-term couples choose to ignore Valentine’s Day to save money, but this is a big mistake.

Even if your partner states they don’t want a present, you can trust they will feel loved and valued when presenting a thoughtful item.

If you want to keep the spark alive in your long-term relationship, you must try to make your partner feel special when an opportunity strikes.

Don’t allow the special occasion to pass you by again and browse the various Valentine’s Day gifts your other half might love.

For instance, you could book a one-night break away together, buy a personalized square locket, or treat them to a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Put Your Phone Down

If you spend much of your spare time on your phone when watching a film or at the dinner table, your other half will feel unappreciated.

Keep the spark alive in your relationship by putting your smartphone down to spend quality time with your partner.

It will prevent your attention from feeling divided, and you can respond thoughtfully when they ask a question, share a problem, or tell a story.

Continue to Compliment

Compliments will prove how much you love your other half. Remind your spouse how much they mean to you by acknowledging their many wonderful qualities.

However, don’t focus on praising their appearance, as you must find ways to flatter their personality, too.

For example, you could let them know you think they are a great cook after a delicious dinner or inform them they are funny after making you laugh.

The more you compliment your other half, the healthier your relationship will be, and the more likely they will compliment you in return.

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