Cloud computing is when companies rent access to online storage, servers, and software. Popular providers include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS. Generally, if you’re uploading something to the cloud, you’re already using cloud computing in some way.

This particular solution is perfect for businesses, with thousands across the country already taking advantage.

But if you’re a new start up, or are looking for a way to improve the daily running of your business, we’re here to highlight the benefits of cloud computing.

If you’re convinced, search for cloud computing services Birmingham or in your local area to start your journey today, and reap the benefits tomorrow.

Cost efficiency

You’ll be surprised how much cloud computing can save you in the long run – especially if you’re a new business trying to limit overheads. A conventional IT infrastructure can cost a hefty amount; however, cloud computing provides you with just about everything you need with easy access. This, in turn, saves you time and money when working with customers or on future projects.

Cloud computing is often pay as you go, so there is no huge setup fee like with an ordinary infrastructure. So, you can get straight into earning money and gaining a profit, rather than paying off your start-up fees.

Overall, using this setup has a great ROI.

Freedom and flexibility

A standard IT setup can quickly lead to storage issues if you underestimate how much you’ll need. And while you’re trying to shuffle files around, create backups and make space on the server, your customers have found someone new.

Rather than struggling with these sorts of issues, cloud computing can take the stress of hosting and memory away while you focus on what’s important: Business.

Cloud computing provides flexibility to expand your storage base and increase bandwidth as and when you need.

Improved security

It a common misconception that cloud computing opens up your business to more cyber threats. If everything is online, how can it not?

Well, unsurprisingly, cloud computing providers ensure that security is at its highest and closely monitor the network so that you don’t have to. Providers will have whole teams devoted to protecting files, software, and data stored in the cloud, meaning your business information is potentially safer than in an offline infrastructure.

In terms of government compliance, cloud hosts are usually more capable of meeting requirements, as they have access to advanced security options, rather than just implementing data encryption onto physical servers.


One massive benefit to cloud computing is the ability to access documents and data on the go. Staff can access everything they need via their smartphone or laptop – even when not in the office. This opens the door to staff working on the go while travelling to and from meetings. It also allows businesses to offer more opportunities for remote working to staff – ultimately reducing rent prices for an office premises.

With the mobility that cloud computing offers, staff can work from anywhere, improve their work-life balance, and will naturally report higher job satisfaction.

So if you’re not already on board with cloud computing, what are you waiting for?

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