Buying an old building to renovate is an exciting project but comes with its challenges. Whether you’re taking on a massive project and don’t know where to start or a smaller one that’s easier, how can you make it a success?

Initial Assessment

Never jump straight into a renovation project without an initial assessment of the property. Proper planning will save huge headaches later on and save time and money.

The first step is to get a property survey from an experienced and reputable surveyor. Don’t be tempted to skimp on this step; any big issues must be identified early on so you can address them.

A survey will highlight any structural problems and identify if the property needs dampproofing or a new roof and such. The Surveyor will suggest any major repairs that need completing and safety issues that need fixing.


Once you’ve got an idea of any major works that should be carried out, you can work on a budget. This task may take some time and research, but it’s vital to avoid overstretching and spending more than you need.

Old houses are likely to need new electrics, so contact some electricians and look for recommendations. Some may offer a discount if rewiring an entire house.

An old house will probably require new windows or doors, and you can search up uPVC windows Redditch who offer all the convenience and functionality of modern doors and windows without compromising the traditional character and style of the property.

If you are renovating the property for investment, it may influence your budget, and you should consider the tax implications. It would also be useful to get some professional advice on buying and selling property, so you understand the basics of adding value and how to invest wisely.

Once you’ve established finances and a budget, you should create a schedule for works. This helps make the best use of time and get work done efficiently.


Designing your new home is probably the most enjoyable part. This is where you get to use your creative skills to plan the home of your dreams.

Decide if you want to restore original features or replace them. Part of the charm of old buildings is the architecture, and it’s satisfying bringing them back to life.

Look at the space at different times of the day and figure out what rooms are lightest and identify dark areas. Decide what function each room will have and gather ideas to help the design process.

Compare prices of materials and try to buy in bulk. As tempting as it may be, try not to exceed the budget you have allowed for each material.


Once the project is completed, you can start the task of filling your home with beautiful interiors to create a unique style. There are so many different options; you may decide to modernise with clean lines and simple colours or embrace the history of the building with sumptuous soft furnishings and rich, warm shades.

Renovating a house will certainly keep you busy for a few months but will be totally worth it when you’re enjoying the fruits of your labour.

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