Our parent’s birthday is always special, and milestone birthdays, such as the 60th, are even more special. It can be difficult to find the perfect gift that captures both our feelings for them and the significance of the birthday.

Giving a personalised gift adds something to the occasion. It not only means that they can enjoy the gift on the day, but that they can treasure it and look back for a long time to come. Here are some inspirational ideas of the top fun personalised 60th birthday gifts available online.

Personalised Drinks Glasses

Personalised glasses are suitable gifts for both mothers and fathers. These can be purchased with 60th birthday messages or with a more personalised message.

Glasses are fantastic personalised 60th birthday gifts as they will be both enjoyed on the day and treasured to look back on over time.

These come boxed and often with commemorative certificates and are available to suit all price ranges.

Commemorative Gift Charts

‘When You Were Born’ charts are commemorative gift charts showing 60 facts about the day you were born. The facts come under a number of categories, from biography to the price of a pint of beer. These will be treasured and reminisced on many times in the future.

For Her: Commemorative Birthday Candles

If you are looking for a gift for your mother, a commemorative candle will appeal to her feminine side.

They not only commemorate the occasion, but they are stylish and will look nice on display in any part of the home.

For Him: Personalised Hip Flasks

A personalised hip flask is a great gift for your father. Not only is this a stylish accessory that he can make use of, whether on the golf course or on a fishing trip. It will remind him of his 60th birthday, and of who gave him the gift each time he drinks from it.

In a similar vein to the personalised glasses, hip flasks can be personalised with either a standard 60th birthday greeting, or it can be personalised with a more individual message.

Paperweights or Similar Ornaments

A range of paperweights, statues, and similar ornaments can be found online, which make a great gift to commemorate your parent’s 60th birthday. Suitable for males and females, there are keepsakes available to suit the style of every home, and which will fit in and look stylish anywhere.

Giving a gift such as this means that your parent will enjoy it each time, they see it and remember their birthday celebration and think of who gave them the gift!

These can be given either showing a standard 60th birthday message or personalised with an individual, more sentimental greeting.

Giving a personalised birthday gift to your parent will make their 60th birthday even more special. They are more thoughtful than the usual birthday gifts, and it gives them something to enjoy not only on the day but to look back on and cherish for years to come.

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