Cambridgeshire is an exciting place to view gorgeous architecture

Ely is one of England’s most beautiful cities, known for its cathedral and architectural gems which reign over residents and visitors alike, reminding them of the historic medieval era. People come from far and wide just to stroll through the streets and gaze upon the beauty. However, nowadays the city offers even more things to do aside from just sightseeing.

Ely actually boasts a great variety of escape rooms, a concept that is taking over as a new and exciting entertainment opportunity for group fun. Essentially escape rooms are real-life adventure games where participants must solve puzzles and examine clues in order to continue on and eventually win as they enter the final room.

Many people love escape rooms because they bring with them the thrill of the unknown. Participants don’t know if they’ll make it to the last room until the end of the game which makes it a stimulating experience the whole way through. This feeling is comparable to that exhilarating moment after pressing “go” in a wild themed online slot game or thinking your way through a mind-bending puzzle of colorful online Tetris. Although the outcomes aren’t clear when you first begin, signing up for an escape room is a great way to challenge your creative process and embrace the unknown, just like other cerebral games are.

Below we’ll take a look at some of Ely’s best centres for escape room fun!

Escape rooms provide a unique, out-of-the-box type of entertainment experience where everyday people are given the opportunity to become investigators

Oliver Cromwell House

For escape room fans looking to solve clues in an iconic location rich in history, this is undoubtedly the place for them. The old home of English parliament member Oliver Cromwell, the Cromwell House has been revamped for modern-day attendees and transformed into Ely’s main escape room attraction!

The atmosphere that this 17th-century cottage exudes is one-of-a-kind, transporting visitors back in time to old England. Participants are given 60 minutes to find out where a fictional character, Cornelius Chadwick, has disappeared to. An exciting opportunity to connect with friends and solve problems together, the Oliver Cromwell escape room is the best of the best.

Virtual escape room experiences also dominate the internet if you’re looking for a chance to gather at home with your group. Whether you choose to jumpstart your entertainment experience in the digital world or in-person at Cromwell House, there’s no doubt that it will be a fun-filled time for all.

Cambridge Escape Rooms

The Cambridge Escape Rooms are some of Cambridgeshire’s best. Located just a short drive south of Ely, these facilities are perfect for enthusiastic gamers, friend groups, or even work parties. Similarly, they take 60 minutes to complete and participants have a variety of themes to choose from. Each are cleverly designed by the Centre’s creative staff who work to ensure that visitors get the most out of their experience. Cambridge Escape Rooms won the Traveller’s Choice 2020 award which means that its services were given high reviews consistently from people who participated in these mind-bending puzzle activities. If you happen to find yourself in Cambridge and are looking for a unique opportunity to laugh and stretch your mental muscles, the night awaits you at one of the city’s most popular destinations.

Escape Room Suffolk

Last but not least, the Escape Room at Suffolk is another favorite amongst fans. Situated just 20 minutes away from Ely, this centre offers a one-of-a-kind themed experience for your next birthday celebration, corporate event, or tourist visit. There are many room options such as an Air Raid Mission or even one entitled “Superbug” where participants must collect rare insects in an effort to save the planet. 2-8 people are allowed to engage in each escape room and prices vary depending on group size. Like all escape rooms, interested participants can sign up online to ensure their spot.

All in all, no matter which one you choose to attend, each will allow your group to have a different, unconventional night out, and your friends will feel accomplished when they crack the codes that release them to each new room. At the end of each mission, your group can pose with signs that exclaim “We did it!” proudly and cheerfully. One thing’s for certain: after you experience the amusement of an escape room, you’ll never look back.

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