It is a good idea to occasionally refresh the space around you. Even if you don’t move home, you can turn your existing home into a new space with some creative remodelling. However, remodels can be expensive. Here are four ways that you can potentially raise the funds.


The most straightforward way of paying for your home remodel is going to be to simply save and invest the money that you make anyway. If you are able to let it grow long enough without dipping into it, you should find yourself able to afford a remodel before too long. If you are willing to divide your remodel into a number of different stages, you might find it easier to fund each stage using your own cash.

Remember that the right home remodel can enhance the value of your home by as much as 10%. When you view your remodelling through this lens, it becomes easier to justify a relatively high financial expenditure.

Credit Card

If your home remodelling is relatively minor or you are going to be splitting it up into smaller and more manageable stages, it might make sense to put some or all of the expenditures on a credit card. Of course, you don’t need us to tell you that you should only ever buy something on a credit card if you are confident that it’s not going to impact your ability to meet your payment obligations.

For this reason, we would advise against putting the most expensive remodelling projects on a credit card, as you don’t want to find yourself saddled with unmanageable debt.

Personal Loan

If paying for the remodel outright on your own is not a viable option, then you are going to have to investigate your loan options. There are numerous different types of loan available, but the personal loan is probably the one most commonly used to fund this kind of endeavour.

As with any debts that you are planning to take on, it is absolutely essential that you are completely confident in your ability to repay the loan before you sign on the dotted line.

Sell Your Old Stuff

If you want to gain access to more money without having to take on board any new debt or other obligations, selling your old stuff is probably the easiest way of going about it. Not only will you be able to make some money to put towards your remodel, but you will also be decluttering your home and removing excess belongings that are just getting in the way.

Most of us could do with giving our stuff a good clear out, but for whatever reason, we never seem to get around to it. This is the perfect excuse to finally rid yourself of the things that you no longer need or want.

Paying for a remodel of your home can get expensive, but it is worth every penny to finally have the living space that you have always wanted. You really cannot put a price on true satisfaction with your home.

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