The housing market is in a dip, and people are buying fewer new homes than ever. Despite this, homeowners are continuing to spend their hard-earned money on making their existing property better looking, more comfortable, and more ecologically sustainable. Home improvements can utterly transform a home, and they can even add some serious value to a property as well. Those changes to your home can be tackled in a variety of ways, and will largely depend on the rooms in your house that you think need a refreshing change. If your home is feeling in need of a little TLC, then here are some of the most crucial home improvement trends that have had the most impact in 2019.

A Bathroom Transformation

Bathrooms are particularly susceptible to age. Water is especially damaging to the interior of a property, and your bathroom needs to be one of those rooms that get a refreshing overhaul more often. It’s an important room to pay attention to because it’s usually the first room that you enter in the morning and the last room that you leave in the evening. The right bathroom design can add a significant percentage to the value of a property, so it’s always a good idea to invest in making it perfect. The top bathroom trends this year have been:

  • Installing vanity mirrors
  • Wall-mounted toilets
  • Floor to ceiling shower units
  • All black bathrooms
  • Sustainable bathroom materials (bamboo has been particularly popular)

It’s not a new trend, but the popularity of adding greenery to a bathroom remains high. Check the best plants to keep in the damp and humid confines of a bathroom, and your pampering room could look and feel completely different.

Converting an Attic

For increasing your amount of living space and adding value to your home, not a lot beats the attic conversion. What you can do with your attic will depend on the size and shape. If you have an attic with a lot of headroom, then it can be converted into a spare bedroom or a hobby room. You could even turn your attic into a money-maker by registering with Airbnb. That means that not only will you be adding value to your home, but making it earn money for you too. If your attic is currently nothing more than a place to throw your excess clutter, then clearing it out and making it something more useful is one of the most popular home improvement trends of the last few decades and 2019 is no different.

A Cool Conservatory

Due to the unpredictability of the British weather, many Brit homeowners are loathe to spend too much money on making their garden perfect. That could be why the conservatory is becoming the must-have property improvement in 2019. Conservatories mean that you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the outside world without the extreme weather changes affecting your comfort. Conservatories need to be planned out though, so don’t rush into this. Make sure that you find a conservatory design that matches your property and that it is placed to get the best views and maximum sunlight in every season.

The Home Office

With more people working from home than ever before, it’s not surprising that the home office is one of the biggest home improvement trends of this year. Home offices are one of those improvements that add value to a property as long as you get them right. Think about your office design and do all that you can to avoid it looking like a spare bedroom or office cubicle. You need to ensure that your home office gets plenty of natural light as well. Install quality shutters or blinds from so that you get maximum control over your natural light. This is not only a good way to lower your electricity costs; it’s also an effective way of keeping you productive and positive.

A Kitchen Overhaul

The kitchen is often considered as the heart of a home, so it’s no surprise that it remains one of the most popular rooms to give a makeover to in 2019. There are so many ways to play with the style and function of a kitchen that it can be hard to narrow down your choices. The big kitchen trends of 2019 have been more about colour and texture than anything else, but some other considerations have been popular this year. Smart storage solutions have become 2019 must-have, as has the growing importance of sustainable and low-energy appliances. Remember to balance your design ideas with practicality, and keep aware of traffic routes through your kitchen.

Garden Makeovers

Although it often feels like we only get one good weekend of summer, the fact is that the garden remains a popular location for home improvements. This might be down to the fact that a well-designed and maintained garden can speed up the sale of a property. Alternatively, it could be all about that great British optimism that this year we’ll get a summer worth spending some time in. Improvements to pathways, a fresh coat of varnish on your fences, and even the addition of a raised dining are all popular in 2019. Make sure that you have the barbecue and patio furniture you’ll need on the off chance that we ever get a summer worth enjoying ever again.

Living Room Luxury

Considering that you spend more of your waking hours at home in the living room, it can be surprisingly easy to overlook when it comes to home improvements. You don’t have to start knocking down walls, because living room makeovers can be very easy. The big interior design trends for living rooms in 2019 have been surprisingly simple. Bright colourful seating and large pieces of wall art have been particularly popular, but statement ceilings have also been highly sought after.

While home improvements are a billion-pound industry that doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune just to get your home looking its best, some simple changes can transform a home more than you think. When larger projects can add real value to a property, you can even think of your home improvements as an investment that will pay for itself should you ever decide to relocate. Take your time, keep up with the latest trends, and your home improvements could transform your life.

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