If you are considering selling your property, you want to make sure that you are getting a reasonable price for your home. The price you sell it at will depend on your local housing market, but you can also increase the value of your home with a few smart purchases.

Homebuyers are looking for places that are aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to live in, but does your space fall into this category?

Here are a few steps you can take to increase the value of your property.

Repainting your home

Apply a fresh coat of paint to your home to make it look fresh and new. You should do this for both the exterior and interior of your place if you want your house to look be truly attractive.

Consider sticking to neutral tones for the interior that will appeal to a broader range of buyers, as opposed to painting your walls lime green and bright red. You will have an easier time selling your place if you do so.

Update your windows

Your home windows are valuable assets that should be repaired if they are broken or if they are not properly insulated. You can guarantee that homebuyers will be looking at the number of windows you have, whether or not they let in enough light, and what the state of the window insulation is.

Installing durable and energy-efficient windows will require you to consult the professionals, such as the team at Bill Butters Windows.

Landscaping your garden

The exterior of your home will be analysed by people that are interested in purchasing your place. Is the lawn mown, have you taken care of your weeds, and did you landscape your garden?

Your back and front garden is the first part of your home that people will see, and you should make a good first impression.

Prioritise home maintenance

If any part of your house is crumbling, has mould, or is old and in dire need of replacement, you should spend some money upgrading it.

Consider purchasing new appliances, whether it’s washing machines, ovens or fridges. Have you taken a look at the state of your bathrooms? Is your shower running properly, or is there a hole in your bathtub that you have been neglecting for a long time now?

A place that is spotless and shiny is far more likely to attract people. Are your appliances energy efficient? Do they reduce the cost of the monthly energy bills for the individual that is living there? Think of it this way – if you were moving into your place, do you consider it to be a catch, or is it a fixer-upper? The value of your home is dependent on its quality.

Making your home attractive for potential homebuyers will require you to plan ahead. Is your kitchen renovated? What does the outside of your home look like? All of the renovations you complete will make your home easier to sell. Once you are done, all that is left is for you to contact an estate agent.

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