Local School Gets Creative with Waste



A local council has been working with a school in Ely to make thrown-away waste into an art display.

East Cambridgeshire District Council’s (ECDC) waste team organised the event at Lantern Community Primary School in Nene Road to produce a giant school of fish structure out of items commonly-found in litter.

The council have also enlisted the help of Fred White, who is a local artist and regularly utilises rubbish to inspire his creations.

Previously, Fred has created a giant Temnodontosaurus Platyodon (an extinct species of marine reptile) for Wisbech Museum out of littered materials with the help of local school children.

On the event, Fred said: “I’ve worked on similar projects like this in the area for many years and it still brings me such joy to see these waste materials being made into something amazing.“The children were fantastic and creative. I think there are a few budding artists amongst them.

“The masterfully-created fish is now swimming in their roof space from one classroom to another – it looks magical.”

ECDC’s recycling hero, Michael even made an appearance and helped to create the masterpiece.

Jessica Wyatt, a year 3 teacher at Lantern Community Primary School said: “The students have had a wonderful time creating the school of fish.

“It’s been an excellent period of learning and we hope that what they have been taught this week will stay with them.”

Jo Brooks, director of ECDC’s trading company East Cambs Street Scene, said: “Events like these are integral to showing young people the importance of recycling waste.

“The creativity of the children shows that there are plenty of inventive ways to make the most of leftover materials, something I know our recycling hero approves of.

“We pride ourselves on East Cambridgeshire being a nice place to live, work and visit, and it’s great to be teaching future generations the same message.

“We can’t wait to see more events like this in the future.”

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