Team Littleport Ready To Act

Team Littleport ready to act

Businesses, retailers and Councils have come together to improve the vitality and vibrancy of Littleport’s Town Centre.

The Littleport Town Team has been set up following the recommendations of the Town Centres Working Party Committee at East Cambridgeshire District Council which was tasked with helping to make the most of the district’s key three town centres: Ely, Soham and Littleport.

In Littleport, a series of visits to the retailers and businesses were carried out in the summer to get their views on the town and ask for ideas on how it could be improved.

This has helped to develop an Action Plan which will:

*       Look into the Feasibility of introducing a regular market
*       Devise a town centre events and promotions programme including a Christmas Town Centre Celebration
*       Develop a marketing campaign, in particular through social media
*       Devise a Residents pack with information on what Littleport’s High Street has to offer

Some of the retailers and businesses visited agreed to form a new Town Team to work with the District and Parish Council on the Action Plan. These include: Branching Out,
Littleport Library, Holmes Furnishings, Sigma Embroidery, St George’s Church and Co-op Main Street.

Membership of the Town Team is not closed – anybody is invited to join as long as they represent a shop or business in Littleport and have a strong interest in helping make the most of the town.

Councillor David Ambrose-Smith, Chairman of the Littleport Town Team, said: “These are exciting times for Littleport – we are a growing town with huge talent and resources. The new Town Team is looking to harness this potential using the comments and feedback from local people and businesses to improve the ‘High Street’. We are not trying to duplicate any group which already exists but work with others to increase footfall and awareness of the town centre, its facilities and services. We will continue to update everyone on our progress to make sure everyone can join in and help make a difference.”

For more information on the Town Team please call 01353 665555 or visit:

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