The Midsummer Fen Ride

Drive through the countryside by tractors and trailers, discover the flatness of the land that is our Eastern area, its lovely coloured yellow fields of Oilseed reap, fruit, vegetables and crops, the singing birds and wildlife that makes this a special part of England.

Date                       Sunday June 22nd 2014

Time                       2pm

Destination            The Green. The Crossroads. Haddenham Cambridgeshire

Admission               Adults £5.
Children £2.50p
[Tickets]                  Tickets must be purchased in advance to allow planning of transport by Tuesday June 17th,
[Price will include refreshments at the Brick Museum]
[Available from the Haddenham Galleries 20,
High Street. Haddenham Nr Ely Cambridgeshire

Information               Shirley Pollard or Pam Turner
Telephone                  Shirley on 01353740870
Pam on 01353740730

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