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With a proud history of taking action to protect the environment, the WI is a founding member of The Climate Coalition; protecting what we love from Climate Change and lobbying politicians to prioritise tackling the issue.

Our climate is changing as a direct result of human activity, and the impacts of climate change are already being felt across the world.  This annual campaign (running throughout February) #showthelove is an opportunity for Ely City WI to support and #showthelove in raising awareness of the impacts of Climate Change by crafting green hearts for public display to highlight a call for action to create a cleaner, greener world (www.theclimatecoalition.org/show-the-love).

Our members have knitted, drawn, sewn, crocheted, stuffed and created a plethora of green hearts as part of the ongoing awareness to tackle climate change.  The showcase of all sorts of green hearts is in support of the action to help mitigate climate change and can be found proudly displayed outside Sessions House on Lynn Road and inside Ely Library Foyer.  Special thanks to members Sheila, Hilary, Diane and Anne for installing the displays.

President Sheila Willson said “the journey to Net Zero is one we take very seriously.  Learning more about the Climate Crisis and knowing what we can do to help to protect our natural world and our children’s futures is a priority.  Small things can really make a big difference and by creating the displays we hope to ignite conversations and action”.

More information on the campaign and how the WI is involved can be found here:  www.thewi.org.uk/campaigns/key-and-current-campaigns/climate-change

Our upcoming meetings are on February 12th and March 11th.  We meet 7.00pm at Bishop Laney Sixth Form, Downham Road, CB6 2SH.

Why not come along?  Bring a friend?  Meet new friends?  Socialise?  Enjoy an evening out?  Do something different?  The WI really does have something for everyone so why not start your journey with us and come along and see what we are all about, we would love to meet you.

We are. We can. We do.
Visit us on the Web: https://wielycity.wixsite.com/home or find us on Facebook and Instagram (just search Ely City WI).
Email: elycitywi@yahoo.com

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