Riding a scooter is a great way of travelling. You don’t run into as much traffic as cars do, it is relatively fast, and, most of all, it’s great fun. To fully enjoy your experience, though, you must ensure you stay as safe as possible – here is how.

Buy the Right Scooter for You

First of all, be sure to buy a scooter that’s right for your build and your general preferences. There are plenty of great options at bmgscooters.com, whether you’re looking for a brand-new Vespa or a used model that’s still in great condition. It’s a good idea to test ride before you buy, too, so that you know it’s comfortable and runs well. The better suited you are to your scooter, the safer you’ll be on the road overall.

Wear the Right Gear

Next, purchase all the correct gear and wear it every time you are out riding. Of course, you will need a helmet to protect your head in case of an accident, but you should also consider wearing long-sleeve tops and pants and opting for high-visibility colours. A good set of quality gloves are important, too.

Don’t Start on Traffic Heavy Roads

If you are new to scootering, don’t head straight to the busy roads before you have got plenty of practice in, it’s much safer to make a mistake when you are not surrounded by other drivers trying to get from A to B. Instead, head to some quiet backroads or huge car parks to get a little more practice in after your lessons, and then slowly introduce yourself to roads with heavier traffic.

Consider the Weather

If it’s raining or snowing outside, you’ll have far less visibility while driving, which reduces your overall safety. For this reason, you should always check the weather before riding out and avoid riding when the rain’s heavy unless absolutely necessary. It’s much nicer to ride with clear skies, anyway!

Check the Tyres

Maintenance is a part of owning any type of vehicle, and when it comes to your scooter, you should pay attention to your tyres in particular. Even if you’re just going for a ten-minute ride to the local shop, give your tyres a quick once over – if they aren’t in optimal condition, it could compromise your safety.

Always Stay Alert

Most of all, always stay alert when on the road and never get too confident. When it comes to driving, there are dangers everywhere, most that aren’t in your control. By being constantly aware of the surrounding roads and drivers, both you and your scooter will be much safer. Remember not to get too close to other people on the road, too – not only will this avoid annoying anyone, but it will also ensure you’re in a safer position if something unexpected were to happen.

Staying safe while scootering doesn’t have to compromise your enjoyment. By ensuring you have the right equipment, checking the weather, and being alert on the road, you can ride knowing you are as safe as possible.

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