Photos of Old Ely & Ely History (continued)

Here we present photos of Ely in days gone by. All of these photos were first published on the “ELY CAMBRIDGESHIRE OLD PHOTOS PICTURES LOCAL HISTORY” Facebook group. Were possible we have credited the photographer. If we have missed any credits please let us know and we will gladly add a credit. Many thanks to all who provided these photos to a public forum for all to enjoy.

Ely’s Lost Buildings

Ely has lost some amazing buildings along the way – and also some not so amazing ones as well.

The White Hart was situated on Ely’s Market Place and was a hive of activity – especially on Thursday’s market day. Thanks to Karl Bedingfield for the colour photos after the pub closed.

Ely’s outdoor pool was usually very busy. It has diving boards, a springboard and a water slide with ladies’ changing rooms along one side and men’s changing rooms along the other.

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