Ah, the good old British summertime – raining one minute, blowing a gale the next, sleet, hail, and even occasional snow. It can be little coincidence the idiom, “Lovely weather for ducks,” originated in the UK. There’s really no predicting what the British summer will throw at us next.

While the varied summer weather is great news for gardeners (not to mention, ducks), it’s less welcome for cricket enthusiasts. Unfortunately, rain delays and postponements are a frequent part of the UK game – frustrating for players and spectators alike.

Waiting for a game to restart can be frustrating, but there is thankfully an abundance of stuff you can do to while away the minutes and hours until play gets back underway. Here are six great ways to pass the time between rain stoppages.

Play a virtual game and win the Ashes – on a games console

While computer games aren’t as good as playing or watching a real game, consoles are so powerful these days and processors so fast that they’re about as close to the real thing as you can get.

Cricket console games are a great way to brush up your tactics and improve your overall understanding of the game. They’re also a convenient way to fill a few hours between rain delays.

Glorious Goodwood

Thankfully, there is one sport that’s rarely affected by the weather – namely, horse racing. Racing continues rain or shine – they’ve even got a name for sodden ground (heavy) – so while you’re waiting for the match to restart, why not flick channels and watch one of the many race meetings that will happen this summer.

Glorious Goodwood is one of the highlights of the UK racing calendar, and a little bit of Goodwood betting is a great way to fill a few hours on a summer’s afternoon.

Major League Baseball

The baseball season is scheduled to restart on the 23rd of July. Okay, it’s not quite a cricket, but there are undeniable similarities between the sports, and baseball tends to be a little quicker moving too. It might not be for the purists but consider taking in a game – you might just end up hooked.

Sky Sports Cricket channel

Even if the game you’re looking for has been rained off, chances are the Sky Sports Cricket website or channel will be showing either re-runs or more obscure, smaller live games.

Sky Sports coverage is second to none, and you’ll almost always find something on the channel to watch. Alternatively, you could always tune into the abundance of other sports channels on the service.

Cricket Websites

There is a wealth of cricket sites online featuring an abundance of freshly updated information. Cricket.com.au and ecb.co.uk have constant live streams and highlight videos – as well as updated scoreboards where you can check the latest scores from matches around the world.

Go out and practice your game

Okay, getting together two cricket teams and finding the space to play is going to be quite a challenge, but there’s nothing to stop you from meeting with a group of friends and going out to practice your game.

You’ll improve your skills, work on your fitness, and might even burn off some calories while having a laugh with your mates. Just keep one eye on the all-important weather to make sure your impromptu game doesn’t get rained off too!

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