In order to succeed in the modern world, a law firm needs to reflect what’s happening in that modern world. Sure, the basics of practising law might not have changed drastically over the last 20 or 30 years, but everything else has, and if your law firm hasn’t changed with the times, it’s going to struggle.

Law firms can be notoriously slow to make changes, but that only serves to create opportunities for those firms that are embracing the future.

Clients want a law firm that reflects modern culture, while utilising modern technology to offer the best experience. So, what elements can your law firm incorporate?

A Website that Works for the Client

More frequently, a company’s website is the first point of interaction with a client. First impressions are huge in business, so it makes sense that your website has to make a good impression.

If your website is old fashioned, slow and offers a poor user experience, then guess what potential clients are going to think about your law firm? They’re not going to think it’s a modern, successful business, even if that’s actually the reality.

Your website can be your best brand ambassador, but you’ve got to release its potential.

Software that Works for Everyone

Outdated software not only creates inefficiencies, but it also makes your employees’ lives more difficult. If every member of your staff loses five minutes a day because of inadequate software, think how much that translates to across your entire office over 365 days.

Get up-to-date legal software from someone like and spend your chargeable hours working for the client rather than fighting with subpar software. Your employees will be happy, your clients will be happy and your business will run more efficiently.

A Positive Client Experience

When we buy products or services, we want to have a good experience as well as receiving the product or service. We want to feel like the brand we are interacting with values us, that we help create our experience and that we have enjoyed (or at least not disliked) the process.

People value results, but when there are lots of law firms that can deliver the results, the experience becomes very important.

Too many law firms fail when it comes to learning about their customers’ experiences with their company, and even more fail to learn from that information. Getting feedback from the odd client doesn’t cut it; you need to find out from the masses and craft your customer experience according to these findings.

Open Communication Channels

It’s amazing how many problems boil down to a lack of communication. Whether it’s communication within your organisation or with clients, working to improve communication is a sure-fire way of improving your performance.

Clients come to you because they have important legal matters that they need taking care of, so they want to be kept in the loop. Improving your communication can only help improve their experience, and help you retain more clients.

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