There’s an element of unrest in the UK at the moment. The uncertainty of Brexit has been an ongoing saga, and the government appears to be in disarray. With no one quite sure what our future will hold, it’s difficult to make those big life decisions. Moving house is known to be one of the most stressful life moments to experience (it’s up there with grieving and divorce), so it’s hard to choose the best time to do it and the ever looming Brexit deal certainly doesn’t help.

If this leads you to hesitate when deciding to list your house, then fear not. There are plenty of wonderful ways to use the time wisely and get your house fit and ready for the right time to sell. There are a lot of options to consider, many of which vary in price, but whatever your budget may be, there’s always some DIY to do that will help a place sell. Below are the top eight tips to make your house more attractive to buyers:

1. Add a lick of paint

Easily done on any budget or timeframe, a lick of paint will do the world of good. Opt for neutral colour palettes that compliment the carpet as this will be most attractive to buyers.

2. Install a fireplace

Installing a fireplace definitely adds value to a house, so consider this option if you can. The Bellfires range of balanced fuel gas fires are energy efficient and safe and will really modernise any room.

3. Add a conservatory

Another great idea to add value to your home, and it probably simpler than you think. Stay within the recommended guidelines, and you can avoid the hassle of planning permission while increasing the square footage of your home.

4. Convert the attic

It goes without saying that more bedrooms mean more value, so see if there is any space to do this. Attic conversions can be time-consuming and costly though so perhaps consider other options first.

5.Landscape the Garden

Get your gardening gloves on or hire a landscaper, a little TLC can go a long way in the property market. Opt for perennial shrubs and plants that are low maintenance and will look great all year round.

6. Apply for planning permission

A clever way to add value before you advertise your sell is to apply for planning permission. A property is worth more if the option to expand has already been granted and it’s valid up to three years from approval.

7. Update the heating system

Replace age-old boilers and install modern heating systems, bringing your home up to date with technology. Such advanced systems are operated remotely and will be attractive to potential investors.

8. Consider the curb appeal 

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but first impressions certainly count when it comes to property. Smarten up the driveway and add a few pots and plants, allowing buyers to be pleasantly surprised when they visit.

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