Home security is big business. Keeping your home, property, possessions, and family as safe as possible is always a priority, yet too many people simply lock their front doors and hope for the best. Burglars can be very persistent, and just because you’ve locked your doors doesn’t mean that they won’t try other ways to get in. If you want to keep you and yours safer, then some simple changes to your home security setup can massively reduce the likelihood of your life being affected by crime. Follow these tips, and your home will be much more secure, and burglars will find it much more difficult to gain access to your home easily.

Start at the Door

Always start your security overhaul with a check of all of your doors. You need to check that the frames aren’t worn with age and that the hinges are protected. Make sure that you develop the habit of locking your doors at all times. Check your letterbox as well, because it’s not uncommon for burglars to reach through and open your front door easily. You should also:

  • Make use of a deadbolt
  • Consider replacing your locks with smart locks
  • Get rid of the doorbell and replace it with a high-tech video option
  • Reinforce your glass sliding doors

Window Worries

Obviously, your windows are considered a major access point for criminals, so make sure that every window in your home has a working lock. If your existing locks don’t seem like they’ll do much if someone is very persistent about gaining entry, replace them with tougher models. You might also consider using window bars or glass-break sensors, but have a chat with one of the professional home safety experts at twenty-4.co.uk. Home security advice from professionals is always a good idea and is the best way to keep your home more secure.

Get Lit

Lights will immediately make a criminal think twice before trying to get inside your home. Get some motion sensor lights for the front of your property and the garden as well. You could even opt for solar-powered motion sensors so that you’re not adding to your electricity bill! Of course, having a well-lit entrance to your home also reduces the chance of slips and trips, so you’re protecting your family in more ways than one.

Protect your Digital World

Your Wi-Fi is not something to overlook. Tech-savvy criminals can use your Wi-Fi signal to gain access to your personal details, and if you use online banking, then that can be a very real worry. If you have built up your own smart home, then you will be even more exposed to risk via your home network. You should always:

  • Have a secure home router
  • Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA), or WPA2
  • Change the name of your network on a regular basis
  • Make use of a firewall
  • Use password generators and a password management tool
  • If you have younger members of your family, make sure that you have parental control settings updated.

Keeping your home and family safe means being aware of the dangers and finding ways to reduce them. Take a stroll around your home on both the inside and out. Look for weak spots, and talk to experts if you need any guidance. It might not be as difficult to boost your home security as you think.

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