Helping businesses to access funding in South and East Cambridgeshire

Over 75 businesses in East and South Cambridgeshire got a unique opportunity to discover the funding and grants which could help their businesses to grow thanks to the South East Cambridgeshire Funding Fair.

The special day not only allowed firms the chance to hear what money the Government is providing to access to, but also gave people the chance to get practical help to assist with their business.

In addition to tailored business advice there was also a range of speakers including Rt. Hon. James Paice MP.

Cllr Bill Hunt, who leads on Economic Development at East Cambridgeshire District Council, said: “The Funding Fair was a great day with lots of local businesses getting the chance to hear about the plans and grants which could make a real difference to their future. While the economy has turned a corner and is now growing, it is vital that we do all we can to support the companies and ideas which will make our region renown for success. Our Fair was a very good example of how by working with our partners we can achieve the growth we all want to see.”

Cllr Nick Wright, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s cabinet member for economic development, said: “Supporting businesses is really important to us to make sure firms can continue to grow and create more local jobs. Even through the downturn around 1,000 new jobs a year have been created in the district and we need to make sure we continue to work together with our neighbours to continue the success story in this area.”

The Rt. Hon. James Paice MP, Member of Parliament for South East Cambridgeshire, said: “It is easy to forget that without successful businesses there is no wealth creation and few jobs, but they need money to expand. It is a morass out there, and for small businesses, it is especially difficult to understand. The funding fair aimed to help them see through the mist.”

The Economic Development Team at East Cambridgeshire District Council provides a range of services and support to local businesses including advice on grants and funding. Businesses wishing to access further help should call 01353 665555 and ask to speak to the Economic Development team or e-mail

South Cambridgeshire District Council sends a bi-monthly e-newsletter to businesses signed up to the alerts. By signing up firms gain early access to financing and funding opportunities, contracts and tenders and business support. To sign up email

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