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Ely City Women’s Institute members took on the craft of quilting as the activity for their May meeting. Highly skilled and experienced seamstress Pam Bedingfield prepared a simple and fun task to allow the group to have a go at making an octagon patchwork pattern. Supported by Members Sylvie and Linnie everyone got stuck in, with some first timers really enjoying a chance to try something new.

With a selection of beautiful quilting examples to view, members were able to find out just how versatile quilting is and the array of items which can be crafted using this technique. Anything from cushions to bags, from bed covers to purses!

The practice of quilting dates back thousands of years and there is evidence which shows items were worn by Crusaders under their armour for comfort, warmth and protection. The art of stitching together layers of padding and fabric was primarily a practical solution whereas now, many quilts and quilted items are decorative art pieces.

Some traditional designs that are still used today are inspired from the 17th century. Used for items of clothing worn by the wealthy, quilts were produced in many major towns and cities. Not least of all in Ely at the WI meeting; though not on such a large scale or as grand!

Quilting is a popular hobby with a large following, many items can be upcycled and transformed into statement pieces and whilst the practice can be done by hand, more elaborate projects are compiled with a sewing machine.

Members commented “how much fun it was to do something new”. One member said, “I have never done anything like this before, but I am surprised at how easy it was to pick up; and really therapeutic too!”

With many people experiencing technology overload, it is sometimes nice to be able to slow down the pace and do something craft related. Members of Ely City WI are a talented bunch and many of the projects and initiatives are led by our very own community. Something we are very proud of and are happy to welcome others into the fold. Or should that be quilt?!!

If you would like to get involved, then why not drop us a line?

You can visit our website: https://wielycity.wixsite.com/home or find us on Facebook just search Ely City WI). You can also email us at elycitywi@yahoo.com

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