Now more than ever before, building your savings and ensuring you have enough money both for the present and for your future has become more important, especially with the rising energy prices that homes across the United Kingdom are now experiencing.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn how to save money in a secure and sensible way.

  • Write Down Everything You Spend For An Entire Month

Although you may consider this to be somewhat laborious, having everything you buy and how much you paid written down in black and white can really make a difference, both when it comes to questioning whether you actually need that second Costa coffee of a day, to easily seeing where you can save money.

Use a small notebook that you can carry around either in your car or bag and quickly scribble down in it everything that you buy and how much you paid every day for an entire month; you are guaranteed to be surprised on how many superfluous items you waste your money on.

  • Consider A Personal Loan

If you do not have the luxury of time to save money in your bank account for the proverbial rainy day and instead need money for a home repair or other important and time sensitive reason, a good option would be to consider a loan.

There is a wide plethora of different loans to choose from, but one style that is quickly increasing in popularity is that of Logbook Loans, which, if taken out with an expert company such as Car Cash Point, will result in the money taken out of your car being instantly transferred into your bank account.

  • Look Into Reducing Your Tax Bill

It is more than likely, unless you or another member of your household is particularly proficient in all matters related to tax, that there are options available to you which may help reduce your monthly or annual tax charge.

Factors such as single person council tax, potentially exempt transfers, marriage allowance and rent-a-room relief can all serve to save you substantial amounts of money on your tax bill and is a great way to save the reduction in money in another account.

  • Transfer Any & All Credit Card Debt

Another incredibly effective way to quickly save money is to transfer any and all of your credit card debt into one manageable and hopefully smaller, monthly payment, especially if you are currently paying large and frankly criminal, amounts of interest.

By far the best way to do this is to transfer your debt to a 0% balance transfer credit card, which will never charge you any interest on any of the debts you transfer for a fixed period.

  • Utilize Price Comparison Websites

One fantastic advantage of the way the internet has integrated itself into modern life is the fact that now, it is significantly easier to ensure you are getting the best deal for a service you are interested in and the best price on any product you buy.

From car and home insurance to white goods and even holidays, utilizing the myriad of different available price comparison websites is certain to save you money this year and in the subsequent years to come.

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