Things To Do During The CoronaVirus Pandemic Article 1 – Play Games Online

At the time of writing this article the U.K. has been in formal lockdown for around 7 weeks because of the global coronavirus pandemic crisis.

Many people are temporarily furloughed from their jobs and are stuck at home wondering what to do with their time now that all the little odd jobs that had been hanging around for ages have now been completed: the garden has had a makeover and is looking great, the house has been spring-cleaned and repainted, and that dodgy door handle has now been replaced.

So what else can you do? Hopefully you are using your allowed outdoor exercise time and are getting out and about either walking, jogging or doing some other form of exercise. But what about the evenings and during other spare moments? Are you learning a new skill? Perhaps taking up playing an instrument or maybe you have even made a start on that novel you have always thought you should write?

And then of course you need your relaxation after all those odd jobs, exercise and study/educational endeavours, so what do you do in your “downtime”? You have probably spent hours in front of the TV binge-watching box sets or catching up with re-runs of your favourite films or dramas and are now looking for other entertainment options.

Personally I am now investigating playing games online. It is not something that I have ever been particularly interested in – one reason being that I have seen how many hours others have devoted to this activity and am kind of worried that it might take over my life and I disappear into some kind of online world from which I never return! Or I might virtually venture into a casino online and end up in a glitzy, neon-lit world where pretty virtual waitresses sashay over and ply me with exotic virtual cocktails. Actually doesn’t sound too bad to be fair.

Or maybe I would get involved in some “Call Of Duty” or Zombie Apocalypse type of online game and spend some time saving the world by either wasting the evil enemy or avoiding ugly, mutant, un-dead life-forms intent on, I dunno, turning me into one of them or something?

It is obvious from the above that I am hopelessly out of touch with playing games online and urgently need to research the subject further.

So what are the current popular games that people are paying online? Here is a list of the 5 most popular online games at the moment with a brief description of each:

1) Destiny 2 – Apparently enjoyed by millions wordwide, Destiny 2 takes place in a parallel universe full of “heroes and villains” and “deep dungeons”, and you crush other players in “intense PvP combat”. Nice.

2) Rainbow Six Siege – An “online tactical shooter” in which different scenarios cane be played out such as rescuing a hostage or defusing a bomb. Sounds a bit scary actually.

3) Sea Of Thieves – a “pirate sim” where you roam the seas deciding whether to do something useful like taking goods from port to port, do something exciting like hunt for buried treasure, something more reckless like sinking other ships, or even just something relaxing like sunbathing on deck. Now that sounds more like my kind of thing!

4) Apex Legends – an online “shoot ‘em up” in which you work in teams to obliterate the enemy. Must be hundreds of games like this, but apparently this is one of the better ones.

5) Minecraft – now this has been going for years as I remember my son playing it when he was nine years old or something! Minecraft is the antidote to the usual blood and guts games in that is all about being “constructive and creative”. The basic idea seems to be that you create a home by harvesting the available resources, which doesn’t sound too exciting I guess, but then I am assuming you don’t get attacked by roving zombies while doing so!

Well it appears that there are all manner of online games awaiting you should you decide you need to escape this pandemic afflicted world we are currently living in.

Actually, when you come to think about it, perhaps the real world we are all experiencing at the moment is a kind of strange, unusual video game in itself?

I think I will just go and mow the lawn again actually.


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