The more time that you spend at home taking social distancing seriously throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the more you are likely to feel inspired to treat your home to a well-deserved makeover. If you are considering making a few changes, here is a list of the top nine home décor trends in Ely for 2020 and beyond.

Stunning wall art stickers

Wall art stickers make it easy for you to add personality to any room in the home with minimal effort. The secret is to seek out a reputable supplier that can provide you with plenty of unique choices so that you can find a design that speaks to your vision and embodies your family. The supplier should not only offer a wide range of different designs, they should offer a variety of wall art stickers specifically created to complement different rooms, such as:

  • The bathroom
  • The nursery
  • The bedrooms
  • The kitchen

Sustainable kitchens

Sustainability is a trend that is taking centre stage in all industries, and interior decorating is no exception. The focal point of the moment is the kitchen. If your culinary haven is in need of some TLC, consider sprucing it up with various recycled or recyclable elements. Think recycled wooden countertops and cabinets, recycled brass taps, etc. Maximise the eco-friendly appeal by throwing in plenty of refreshing green house plants.

Just remember to open the windows for a few minutes every day to prevent moisture from accumulating as a result of steam produced from cooking in conjunction with the moistened soil of the plants. Proper ventilation is a must to prevent the growth of mould and mildew.

Contrasting textures

The past few years have celebrated smooth and sleek appearances as a general motif in UK houses, and in Ely, in particular. Now, however, interior designers are encouraging the introduction of contrasting textures. Think woven décor paired with cotton and wool, for example. The key here is to mix as many different textures as you can. Extend this trend across each room for best results. Don’t forget to include lots of hand-finished throws, pillows etc. as artisanal textured items are a trend in and of themselves.

Abstract wall paint

Why paint a room a single colour when you can channel Picasso and give the room an abstract flair instead? Abstract wall paint is all the rage right now, with most Ely residents embracing the trend by pairing muted tones with bright colours. Experiment with blocks of colour or really unleash your inner artist by giving hand-drawn sketches a try, using the expressionist movement as motivation to create your awe-inspiring artwork.

Mustard and classic blue accents

Classic blue is the official Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, so there is no surprise to discover that it is one of the dominant colours within the realm of home décor – and not just in Ely. Another stand-out shade of the moment is that of mustard, a slightly darker yellow hue that screams ‘quirky sophistication’. You can include these gorgeous colours in practically any room in the house. Better yet, why not pair them together for true head-turning appeal?

Comfort galore

One of the most dominant home décor trends of today is that of honest comforts. Perhaps this is because Ely residents are having to spend the majority of their time indoors? If you’re at home, you want to be comfortable and surrounded by lots of warmth and cosiness. Hence the need to introduce numerous comforting items and objects, from plush teddy bears and plump throw pillows, to faux furs and knits. You can embrace this trend like a pro if you opt to buy these essentials in neutral colours – you can’t go wrong with muted blue and grey. Snuggle up and enjoy.

Glamorous metallics

Add a sense of glamour and luxury by including metallics in your approach to revitalising your interior décor. You can go the whole hog and opt for a shimmering wallpaper, or play the trend down somewhat by investing in one or two statement metallic pieces, such as a coffee table with metallic rimming, or a metallic flower pot.

Open shelving

This is another leading trend for the kitchen and is as functional as it is beautiful. Say ‘good-bye’ to kitchen cabinetry as you know it and ‘hello’ to open shelving. The idea of open shelving is to display your best kitchen equipment and creatively store your pantry essentials. For example, you could buy a few decorative glass jars and use them to store your rice, pasta, coffee beans, tea etc. Or you could opt instead to display your fancy equipment for everyone to see.

Many Ely residents are raiding charity shops in search of antique kitchen tools, such as biscuit presses, butter moulds, and iron trivets. This is a great idea if your interior’s overall theme is rustic or traditional, as opposed to modern or contemporary.


Brighten up your home instantly by treating your interior to a decent dose of floral accents and decorative items. You could try to include freshly cut flowers in a glass vase here and there. However, if you don’t have time or money to keep replacing them on a weekly basis, you can invest in artificial flowers instead. Some Ely homeowners are opting to take this trend one step further and are plastering pretty floral wallpaper in certain rooms of the house. This is a wonderful touch if you are keen to embrace a more feminine, delicate look and feel.

Now that you know exactly how to transform your home into a stylish paradise, it’s time to start shopping for the essentials. With all of that extra time on your hands, why not embark upon a bit of home improvement DIY? You will be very glad that you did.

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