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Ely City WI are delighted to support ‘Santa’s Toy Bank’ this Christmas.

With core values supporting women to be a force of good in the Community, the WI supports both local and national campaigns to make a difference.

This December is no exception. Members generously donated a combination of new and pre-loved toys and gifts to the drop off point at St Mary’s Church after their last meeting of 2023 in December.

President Sheila Willson said “we had heard how successful the idea was last year and we wanted to get involved. This is something that really can make a tremendous difference at a sometimes-challenging time of year”.

Ely City WI have supported many other community groups and causes in Ely over the year including an event to raise the profile on loneliness, making fidget quilts and twiddle muffs for local residents in care homes, raising the profile of climate change, providing cake for Community Lunches as well as making pom poms for the Winter Hat Project run by re-imagine.

As 2023 draws to a close, Ely City WI are looking forward to 2024. With so much to get involved with, we would be delighted to grow our membership and to continue to support our communities.

From January 2024 we will be moving location to Bishop Laney Sixth Form, Downham Road, CB6 2SH and we will meet at 7.00pm. The first meeting of 2024 will be on Monday 8th January. If you would like to come along then we would love to see you!

We are. We can. We do.
Visit us on the Web: or find us on Facebook and Instagram (just search Ely City WI).

Ely City WI are delighted to support ‘Santa’s Toy Bank’
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