Ely's Town Crier

ely town crier

In 1636 Edward Powell of Ely was indicted and condemned for his actions in protest against the draining of the Fens. Reg Holme's "Cromwell's Ely" states: "When his Majesty was at Newmarket in Lent last year ye said Powell gave ye Cryer of Ely 2d and caused him to make proclamation thro ye towne that all that would should meet ye next morne at ye Market Place to go to ye King with a petition about their fennes".

In the year 2001 the city of Ely again has a Town Crier.
Click here for a sound sample of Avril's First proclamation!

Chapter 1 - Ely Elects New Lady Town Crier. Chapter 2 - The New Town Crier's First Public Duties - Christmas 2001.