Living History & Re-Enactment Societies

This page serves as a link page for Local & National Living History & Re-Enactment Societies from all Ages..!
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Visit or BOOK..! Venta Icenorum: Recreating late Iron Age, Roman and Early Anglo Saxon Britain 1st - 6th Century AD with emphasis on Eastern England.

Regia Anglorum
950 - 1066

The English Civil War Society
A History & Re-enactment Group

Anglo-Danish - Based in Cambridge

The Army of Potomac / Vikings
The Dark Age Society
SECRETARY 01638 780965 (Isleham)
Forth-coming event @ Thetford forest April
The Newcastle White-Coats
The Marquess of Newcastle
His Regimente of Foote
Nick Richards - 01204 847961
Phil Caswell 0121 477 187
The Sealed Knot
Re-enactment group for the English Civil War.
The Vikings
The Vikings are the oldest and largest Dark Age re-enactment society in the UK
WolfsHead Bowmen
Medieval re-enactment society circa 1066
Company Ecorcheur
15th century, Warwick Castle Garrison,
and War of the Roses re-enactment society.

116 Panzer Division
AFRA (Axis Forces Re-enactment Society)
A nonpolitical living history group portraying WWII Panzer Grenadiers.