Oxfam Shop

imageThe Oxfam shop in Ely High Street raises vital funds for Oxfam's development and emergency work in over 70 countries. Oxfam believes that people have a right to a life free from misery and want and is working to make such a life a reality for millions of poor people.

One of the ways in which Oxfam supports poor people is to help them to earn a living through Fair Trade. The quality handcrafts and food on sale in Ely and hundreds of other Oxfam shops throughout the country, as well as through the Oxfam Trading mail order catalogue, are produced by people who face all kinds of disadvantages, but who are working hard to overcome them.

The Ely shop also raises money for Oxfam by selling donated clothing, books, bric a brac and music.

Run professionally and staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers fulfilling a variety of roles, the shop is always hoping to increase the numbers in its volunteer team.

Each Oxfam volunteer, if they complete one half day a week, will in a year be responsible for raising £720 towards Oxfam's projects.

If you are interested in finding out more about volunteering please ring Dorothy on 01353 667757, or if you prefer, leave her a message c/o jpatton@oxfam.org.uk