Local Entertertainers
Here we have what will be a comprehensive list of Local Entertainers for Hire along with a link to their websites.

CA$HBACK - Tribute Band to Johnny Cash
Johnny Dee - As featured on BBC Radio & TV
Tom Dalpra - The One and Only
SAM BROOKS - Local Entertainer & Agency
Nutmeg - 70's Band - Will reform if bribed !
The Brothers / Somethiong Else - As above but different !
Chuck Cash & the Fenland Cowboys - Local comedy band
T-A-S-H the adventure starts here
Patritian Jazz - Local Jazz Band
Silverwood Flute & Guitar Duo
Fizzadity - based on the English tradition
Freestyle - XCEL FM Presenter Sue Marchant's Band
THE TROUBADOURS - Medæval Showband
Postman "Perry Winkle" - Local Comedian
This Replica - The One and Only
The Adventure Kings McKenzee - The One and Only
Penigina III - The One and Only
Jon Beedle's Electric Boogie Band - Boogie Band
BACKYARD BAND - Rhythm & Blues
JOY RIDER - Local Rock Band - 07785 728603

TO GET LISTED CONTACT : admin@ely.org.uk

LOCAL Public Entertainment Licensing
East Cambridgeshire District Council - Environmental Services Section
For further information please telephone: 01353 665555 x286 or write to Stephen Clements at:
East Cambridgeshire District Council The Grange - Nutholt Lane - Ely - CB7 4PL
email: stephen.clements@eastcambs.gov.uk

Inspection and licensing of premises to ensure they comply with health and safety conditions
and to prevent a nuisance to other people in the area. You can also phone (automated exchange) 01353 668833 x286

0843 289 2147


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