Oliver Cromwell - (1599-1658)
Oliver Cromwell (1599-1658)
Local Lad made good... 
"We are apt to boast sometimes that we are Englishmen, and truly it is no shame for us that we are Englishmen...But it is a motive to us to do like Englishmen, and seek the real good of this Nation, and the interest of it"
Cromwell`s Speech to Parliment 25th January 1658
Truly Cromwell deserves every Briton's praise as our most outstanding statesman and soldier. His military skill ranks alongside that of Napoleon, Caesar and Alexander the Great, while his political genius gave Britain a period of strength and prosperity that has seldom been equalled.
"No sovereign ever carried to the throne so large a proportion of the best qualities of the middling orders, so strong a sympathy with the feelings and interests of his people...
He had a high, stout, honest English heart."
The words of Lord Macaulay ~
Author of "The Lays of Rome" 
Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon, on 25th April 1599, the son of a country gentleman...
He was educated at the local Grammar school before graduating to Sidney Sussex College Cambridge. His father died when he was 18.
3 years later, whilst studying at the Inns Court in London, he met and married Elizabeth Bourchier. They were a devoted couple throughout their long marriage and had eight children - four boys and four girls. After his marriage Cromwell and his family lived in St Ives where he leased a farm and pursued his interest in politics.
In 1628, at the age of 29 he was duly elected MP for Huntingdon and thus began the journey from commoner to King...
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