Daves Close Shave for Charity - Christmas 2000
Dave works hard @ The Business before the big event. As the time gets closer well wishers wish him well..! Dave needs some Dutch Courage and is looking more than a little nervous. Still it's for Charity..!
The local paper takes Daves picture while Santa,
the Barber and anybody else who wants a piece of Dave moves in. The audience gathers to see Daves lilly white chin and maybe a bit of blood..! Ay Up..! 'Ere we go... WhaHay..! How many people would like to do that to Dave..? Two little girls are mesmorised by the event as some of Daves facial skin comes into view for the first time in 25 years. Is that a bogy, and is that a load of wire wool on the floor..? Dave is still collecting for the Ely HighFields School & Milton Childrens Hospice so see him @ The Ely Market & DONATE GENEROUSLY..!