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by Reg Dixon
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"The Maguffin"


cornThe corn was swaying in a light breeze as the two boys made their way across the field. They parted the stalks in a swimming motion as the corn reached their chests and they shouted and laughed with the spirit that only a child on school holiday can produce. "Last one to the line is a stupid bugger !" shouted Clunch Parsons as he began to sprint through the corn. His partner ran breathlessly behind him, falling behind all the while. They reached the edge of the field and were crawling under the fence just as the ten-thirty to Kings Lynn sped past, trailing thick pungent smoke in it’s wake. Clunch sat down at the base of the up line signal and leaned his back against the post, breathing hard. He was soon joined by the other youngster who was breathing in a far harder way and was producing a rasping sound from his chest. Unknown to him, his condition would be easily treatable within a few years, but for now he suffered on hot summer days such as this.

"Get it out then you bugger !" shouted Clunch, over the noise of the retreating train. "I’ll start on the 2 lads with a train the hole. Check that ‘ole Blubber Guts up in the Box can’t see us". His friend had a look up the railway line and could see that the Signal Box door was shut and a curtain was pulled across. Frank Simmons, the Signal Man, would be relaxing in his chair as the train had now left his section of line. He wouldn’t move for another hour or so. "All clear" said the boy and Clunch produced a trowel from his pocket. He proceeded to dig down alongside the signal post to a depth of about two feet. When he was happy with his efforts he held out a hand. "Gissit then. C’mon. Let’s get the bugger buried. No one’ll look here. This post’s gonna be here for bloody ever. We can come back any time an’ gettit". He accepted a heavy looking glass bottle from his friend and placed it in the hole. He covered it gently with handfuls of ballast from the track and finally covered the lot with soil. "Won’t need no bloody ‘X marks the spot’ when we’ve got a signal as a marker" he laughed and gave his partner a playful punch on the arm. The other boy winced slightly but laughed back. Clunch pushed him in front and shouted "Goo on then. Your turn to pick a way back so ‘ol Mrs.Windbag don’t see us. I’ll foller you". The two boys made their way back across the field through the corn; just another ordinary day for two lads from The Fens. How were they to realise the consequence of events that they had set in motion on that summer day in August 1956.............

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