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by Reg Dixon
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Episode 7 - "Jak Jackson" (May 18th 1998 10:30am)

flashing signalJak Jackson watched the ten thirty two disappear into the distance and then threw the 'up' signal back into it's home position on the frame. Jak had found his niche in life as a signalman. After years of drifting from job to job he was now able to pursue his hobbies of reading, playing the guitar and enjoying the sunshine on the balcony of the Cauliflower Drove signal yes - that signal boxbox. He only had six trains a day to deal with and the traffic passing over the level crossing was very light for most of the year. So, the rest of his time at work was his own. When he had first been assigned to Cauliflower Drove he spent the first three months painting the old grubby box into a style that more reflected his character. He decided on the colour scheme after seeing John Lennon's psychedelic Rolls Royce on T.V when it had gone up for auction. The multi coloured box was a stunning sight set against the background of huge sky and miles of flatness.The coffee percolator was just ending it's cycle of gurgling and spluttering when Jak heard a tap on the door. His initial reaction was that it was Clunch and Hummer coming up for their morning cuppa and chat. He was mildly surprised to be met by the sight of Yaxley Farcett when he swung open the signal box door.

Yaxley showed Jak his ID and shook hands before stepping inside the signal box. He was amazed by the sight that greeted him. The place was more like Kew Gardens than a BR Signal box. Hanging baskets were suspended from the roof, trailing plants cascaded over the top of the bell Jak's cak!shelf and cacti of many different descriptions were set all around the window sills. In one corner there were four separate piles of paperback books and in another an amplifier with a Gretch guitar leaning idly against Jak's Gretchit. Yaxley realised that Jak Jackson was not a typical local. "Well man. You're just in time for some of God's Brazilian Wake up juice. Milk & shoog ?" Jak was an ageing hippie and proud of it. Yaxley liked him immediately and settled down into an ancient armchair as Jak handed him his coffee. The years seemed to roll away as he sat there. It was if he had been transported to a kind of "Ealing Comedy Theme Park" and he fully expected Stanley Holloway or Peter Sellers to burst in at any moment.

As he took as sip of the drink he came out of his reverie and got back to the matter in hand. "So what time did you start your shift this morning Jak ?" Jackson sat down in his armchair, which was equally as old and comfortable as Farcett's and picked up his guitar. Quietly, he began to tune it, while he thought for a few seconds. "In here for a six o'clock start. Read the paper for an hour. Watered the plants, had some breakfast and then noticed that the wind was getting stronger. Within a couple of minutes the land started to blow and I began to take a few pictures. Over the years I've got some really powerful shots of the whole of this area being almost black with the stuff. When the wind died down and the sky cleared I saw old Hummer and Clunch standing over poor Reg. What a bummer for them to find him like that". Yaxley considered this. "So, you were taking photos at the time ?"

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