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by Johnny Glover
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Episode 40 - "Further Down The Drove" - (May 18th 1998 11.30pm)

yaxleyYaxley Farcett and Fiona Morgan stood on the level crossing of fionaCauliflower Drove and looked down at the sleeping pigs. "They'll be ok until the morning, won't they ?" said Fiona. "Yeah" replied Yaxley. "I'll give John Worthington a call in the morning and see if we can find out what caused them to run riot". The pair then wandered over the line and carried further on down Cauliflower Drove. The moon shone brightly and wind blew through the long grass at the side of the fields. Yaxley was amazed at the silence. The only sound to be heard was the crunching of their feet on the road. After the noise of the pub and the excitement of the pigs it seemed as if they were both content to enjoy the peace. When they had walked for about half a mile, Yaxley realised that they were almost in the middle of nowhere. In front of them was nothing but the straight road, seeming to stretch on forever. To the side were a few trees and a faint light, which he took to be from either Jak Jackson's barge or Fred Rickett's mobile home. He stopped and turned to look back at the way they had walked. The lights were on up in the signal box and Farcett could see Jim Bullock trumpetstanding in the box with a trumpet to his lips. He laughed and asked Fiona if she knew about it. "Oh yeah" she replied, "Old Jim's in the Barnham Brass Band. When he's on nights he practises. I've heard Fred say that when he walks his dog over the crossing he can hear Jim playing the latest tune they're having a bash at". Yaxley considered this for a moment. "So you know all this lot then; Fred, Brian, Jak, Clunch and the rest ?" Fiona smiled and said "Of course I do. Didn't you see me saying hello to them in the pub ? I've lived here all my life, apart from when I was away at college. I only got the job at 'Chips' because the company I worked for went bust". Yaxley frowned. "Oh..I thought you were being very friendly for people you'd never met before". She smiled and pulled the peak of his cap down over his eyes. "You daft sod. I'm being friendly with you aren't I ? I hadn't clapped eyes on you until your hour of need this morning when the devil woman stuck her heel into your foot" Yaxley took his cap off and laughed. 'But this is a bit different isn't it ? I hope so anyway!" Fiona took hold of his hands and gave a wicked grin, "We'll see about that, won't we ? Anyway, I have to be nice to people. It's not easy being the daughter of a politician". Yaxley, feeling rather pleased at way things were going, stopped and said "of a what ?" Fiona explained that her Dad was Cedric Morgan, the local MP for Fenland South and that he was going through a tough time, popularity wise. Morgan had moved to Ealham in the sixties from Wales and had quickly risen through the ranks of the council until he had won the seat in parliament in 1990. danger!Although still possessing a broad Welsh accent, he had won over the locals with his maiden speech to the House of Commons. His, 'Ich Bin Ein Fenlander' speech had won approval with all the differing political factions. Lately though, his star had begun to wane as he had stopped listening to local opinion, and his backing of the proposed Manure Burning Power station had earned him the title 'The Shit of The Fens'.

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Hugh, exiled fenman from King's Lynn says "Hev you ever thought about running a bus trip to see where "collie" is made like they do for Last Of the Summer Wine, Emmerdale, Corrie and the like. Could be a laugh!!!!!"

Who Dunnit? Your suggestions Please.

Mike Northfield says "Oi reckons that there was one of those there freaky weather thingies that frew that there pitch fork 'ard enough t' stab 'im and cause serious illness such as death thats wot i fink......." - So Mike reckons the freak fen blow caused poor Reg's death.

DG says "I did you this time!!!!!!! Shame I hadn't pushed you harder in 1966!!!!!! Shame Nursy Broadhead saved you?????????????????" - after he sent this message they locked him up again!

MG says "I reckon it were suicide. You see, Reg was quite obviously a bit iron hoof or POOF as we call 'em, and in them there days, well it wer'nt propper wus it?

James Brown says "I suspect a fallen pitchfork from one of the overhead helicopters ferrying a local farmer to the office of KLFM for one of their match reports on a Lynn home game."

World Leader reckons "I think that Monica woman did it. Damn girl never could keep her mouth shut. And she was always letting things drop". Yours World Leader