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by Reg Dixon
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Episode 20 - "Anne Worthington Part 1" (May 18th 1998 4.30pm)

Anne WorthingtonAnne Worthington was ten years younger than her husband, John. She lived in the shadow of his Mother, Daisy, who insisted on maintaining her position as head of the Worthington household. Anne passed her days by doing various voluntary jobs: meals on wheels, visiting pensioners in Barnham and by taking very seriously her job as Chairwoman of the Barnham Historical Society. She was well qualified for the post having taken a degree in the subject with the Open University. After her son Darren had been old enough to allow her some freedom to study she had educated and enjoyed herself in the following seven years.

One of the upstairs rooms had been converted into a study. Anne had put up her own shelves anda shelf! also bought a computer which she learned to operate, very slowly but surely by attending evening classes. Her husband, John did not exactly try to put her off her studies, but he also did not exactly encourage her. Various remarks and asides tended to knock her confidence but she had decided long ago to be her own woman, not a Daisy Worthington clone.

On the morning of Reg Dixon's murder, Anne had already been up for a couple of hours. She was doing some research for a talk she had planned for a Historical Society meeting in two weeks time. The subject was 'Opium Abuse In The Fens in the 19th Century', and Anne had surrounded herself with reference books, copies of old newspapers and, best of all, a tape recording that she had made some twenty years previously of her husbands Grandmother, Joan. The old lady was an original 'Fen Tiger', born in 1890 and died almost to the day, a hundred years later. Anne had begun to go out with John when she was just eighteen and she instantly fell under the spell of the old lady, who was Seventy Six at the time. Anne would come to the house and feel threatened by John's mother, as she still did. Joan, however, welcomed Anne into the family and she saw yax!something of herself in the girl. During the last few years of Joan's life, Anne had, from time to time sat with her to chat and had recorded the old lady's story. Covering the first and second wars, it was a document of just how hard life had been in the Fens of Cambridgeshire. It was while Anne was going through the tape and jotting down phrases and stories that there came a knock on the Study door.

Anne opened the door to Yaxley Farcett and was rather surprised to discover that he had been entrusted with tracking down the killer of Reg Dixon. She answered his questions patiently and soon realised that there was more to the young man than seemed apparent at first glance. It was when he showed an interest in her work that she opened up. She loved to share her passion with a willing listener. Yaxley relaxed in an armchair and Anne gave him a preview of her up coming talk...

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