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by Reg Dixon
"Did you see the wrist watch in Ben Hur ?"- The Colly Continuity Page.

Spot any continuity cock-ups in Colly? If so mail them to collycockups@ely.org.uk and we will put them on this page along with an "explanation" by writer Reg Dixon

"I am writing to express my horror regarding a serious error in 'Collie', Episode 24. It is the reference to Candi Statton's 'Young Hearts Run Free', the song is in fact 3 mins 53 seconds long, how could you allow such a mistake to occur in your otherwise perfect Soap?" Alan Freeman, London, England.

Reg Replies "Alan, Thank you for your kinds words regarding Colly. The continuity error you have spotted is easily explained. Although Yaxley had the original seven inch single which lasted 3 mins 53 seconds, the version on the tape in his car is from a disco compilation CD. Thus, the song actually lasted 3 minutes 24 seconds during Episode 24. Please don't hesitate to contact collycockups@ely.org.uk if you spot anything you see as an 'error'. I'm sure I will have an answer for you."

"Dear Author - An Up Cock greater than the last. This episode is titled "Still In The Skaters Run" - (May 18th 1998 7.25pm) " and ends saying that it is Friday and "Friday night is Karaoke Night !!", well May 18th is in fact a Monday. Must try harder!!!" Kim O.

Reg Replies "Kim, I'm pleased the cussing and bawdiness hasn't frightened the ladies away. Regarding my 'error'; You say 'May 18th is in fact a Monday'. Surely you mean, 'May 18th WAS in fact a Monday'. Problem with your tenses ? Or are you referring to next year ?

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