On-Going Local Happenings in Sutton

This section of the web site gives details of local clubs and other organisations, also recurring events and services in the village.

Details of one-off events are included in the news pages which are currently being updated and revised to cover events in Sutton throughout the second half of 1999; up to the village’s Millennium events, in fact. 

For further information on anything in this page, you can contact Brian Watson on 01353 777006 or e-mail him on brian@spheroid.demon.co.uk and your enquiry will be passed on.

Where a telephone number is quoted here in an organisation’s telephone number, callers from outside the UK should use "00 44 1353" wherever "01353" is quoted.


1) Clubs and Organisations

Friends of Sutton School (FOSS)

This is a "parents, teachers and other supporters" group connected with Sutton Primary School.

Further details of their events will be found in the news pages. For further information, contact any FOSS committee member, or contact Brian Watson on 01353 777006 or e-mail him on brian@spheroid.demon.co.uk and your enquiry will be passed on.


The Sutton Garden Club

The Sutton Garden Club meets on the second Wednesday of each month in the Brooklands Centre. New members are always welcome.


2) Regular Events

Conservative Club Quiz

There is a Quiz at the Conservative Club at 111, High Street, Sutton, every Sunday night (starting at 9pm and finishing around 10.30/11.00pm). Usually about six teams take part, with varying numbers of team members (between 2 and 8!) paying a pound per person, and the nights’ questions are set by the teams in turn, ensuring different themes and degrees of difficulty.

Membership of the Conservative Club, or having the same political preference, is not a pre-requisite for attending.


"Red Rose" Folk Singing Session

On the fourth Wednesday of each month, re-starting in September 1998, there is a singing session at The Chequers public house at 128, High Street, Sutton. This is its third successive (and successful) year of such evenings.

It is a very easy-going affair and people are invited to bring their acoustic instruments and/or songs, or just their voices and ears!

Further details can be obtained from Graham Steward at 104, High Street, Sutton, or you can phone him on 01353 778655.


"Red Rose" Folk Singing Session Vol: 2

As a "companion event" to the Sutton sessions (see above), on the second Wednesday of each month, there is a singing session at The Three Pickerels public house in Bridge Road, Mepal.

To find the venue, turn off the A142 Sutton/Chatteris road into Mepal and continue through the village. Stop just before you drive into the river at the other end of the village…. The pub will be on your left.

As before, people are invited to bring their acoustic instruments and/or songs, or just their voices and ears.

Further details of this venue can be obtained from Graham Steward at 104, High Street, Sutton, or you can phone him on 01353 778655.


Slimming World

There is a Slimming World slimming class in the Community Room at Sutton Primary School in The Brook, Sutton each Monday.

There are two sessions, starting at 6pm and 8pm. The cost is 2.95UKP weekly, plus 6.95UKP membership.

Contact the consultant, Georgina, on 01354 (use 00 44 1354 from outside the UK) 688197.


Sutton Youth Group

Sutton Youth Group for young people in school years 8, 9 and 10 meets every Wednesday from 7.45pm to 9.30 in St Andrew’s Church Hall.

For further information on the club, contact Steve through the Community Education Office at Witchford Village College on 01353 664468.


3) Local Services


Gratina D & A Ltd are at 79, High Street, Sutton CB6 2NL. Their phone/fax number is 01353 778184.

Tina Ferrari is the proprietor and she can also supply massage oils.


Citroen Repairer

John Langton is an independent Citroen Specialist.

His business is based at Unit One, Ely Road Industrial Estate, Sutton-in-the-Isle, ELY, Cambs, CB6 2QD. Tel: 07074 (try 00 44 17074 from outside the UK) 298324 (which is 07074 CXTECH) or Phone/Fax: 01353 777970.


East Cambridgeshire Community Development Fund

Sutton villagers with a community project in mind, but wondering how it is to be paid for, might not be aware that funding of up to a thousand pounds can be applied for from the East Cambridgeshire Community Development Fund.

Suggested topics in their leaflet include helping people to participate in local activities and events, solving transport problems to reduce rural isolation, holiday play schemes, youth and family group projects, senior citizen clubs and more.

The local contact for Sutton residents is the Community Education representative, Mrs Maureen Buchanan, who is based at Witchford Village College.

The telephone number to use is 01353 662053 (or 01353 664468, according to the letterhead) and an application form is available from her upon request.


Fen Frames

A new business in the village is Fen Frames, makers of frames and mounts for all artwork, photos, tapestries and embroideries. They can also offer traditional restorations of some domestic upholstery and canework.

Phone 01353 777156 for further details.


The Image Business

The Image Business at 39, High Street, Sutton, offers a wide range of office services at times which are convenient to Sutton residents.

The office is open from 7.30 to 9pm each weekday evening (except Thursdays) and from 10am to 5pm each Saturday. Among services offered are photocopying, faxing, e-mail facilities, Internet research facilities, copy typing and text editing.

There is also a business link with an advertising copy writing service for those who want to promote and publicise their business or events at affordable prices. The phone number is 01353 777006, and the e-mail address is image@spheroid.demon.co.uk


Independent Eight Bit Association

Sutton resident Brian Watson is the publicity officer for a voluntary group supporting users of older computers such as Amstrad CPCs and PCWs, Sinclair Spectrums, Commodore C64/128s and Tatung Einsteins.

The group is called the Independent Eight Bit Association and it already has over 300 members.

The IEBA publishes a very useful Directory of 8-bit Computer Services, which is free to members, and is organising a get-together in Walsall, West Midlands, England, for users of older computers. This is being held in September 1999.

IEBA Membership costs a once-only fee of 5UKP; there is no renewal fee.

For further details e-mail Brian Watson at ieba@spheroid.demon.co.uk or phone him on 01353 777006 from 7-9pm or during the day at weekends.


The Pepperpot

The local parish magazine is The Pepperpot, published bi-monthly. Recent issues have carried Monty Blake’s memoirs from 1890-1893. This was a fascinating series, and your correspondent hopes it may be published complete in one volume soon.

The magazine costs just 2.50UKP for a year's subscription, and a real bargain it is for anyone at all interested in Sutton village matters. Further details are available by e-mail from Brian Watson

Incidentally, for those who would like fuller details of St Andrews' church's peal of bells, you might try the web site http://www.ely.anglican.org/bells/ely/sutton.htm

Beginners wanting to participate in ringing in the new millennium should start rehearsing now.

Richard Swain on 01353 778622 is the person to contact.


Sutton Library

Sutton Library has recently been substantially upgraded. It now includes videos and offers a Fax service, and there is also a connection with the resources and services of the Cambridgeshire library network.

You could try Sutton Library’s web page at http://www.camcnty.gov.uk/library/sutt.htm, or see http://www.camcnty.gov.uk/library/sutg.htm for some old pictures of Sutton which are in The Cambridgeshire Collection at Cambridge Central Library.

A recent addition to the library’s resources is a printed list of village organisations. This has been compiled by Sutton Parish Council and is available for the price of the return postage from the library or from the parish clerk, Rosie Seymour, on 01353 664400.

Sutton library is now open from to 2.30 to 5pm and 6 to 7.30pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and from 9.30 to 12 midday on Saturday. It is closed on other days. The library's telephone number is 01353 778615.


Wednesday Workout

You can now get in trim relatively easily because there is now a Wednesday Workout each week at Sutton Primary School.

It is for people of all levels of fitness 8-9pm are the times, and Sarah Meadows (RSA/YMCA qualified) is the group’s instructor. 01487 (00 44 1487 from outside the UK) 842484 is the contact telephone number for Sarah.

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