The Location Of  "Sutton-in-the-Isle"

The Location of the village

Sutton-in-the-Isle, generally abbreviated nowadays to just "Sutton", is at 52 degrees 24 minutes North, 0 degrees 7 seconds East of the Greenwich meridian. In the Ordnance Survey system of mapping the UK, the village is in square TL at the grid reference 448790.

The main part of the inhabited areas of Sutton is a little more more than 15 metres above sea level but the roads called The Row and Link Lane are below that, as is the western end of the High Street called the America and all the fen areas to the south and west, none of which now achieve more than 3 metres above sea level apart from, fortunately, the dyke walls of the New Bedford River which run for three miles next to the B1381.

The village lies at the junction of the A142 road (Sutton is 9 miles from St Andrew's church to the centre of the city of Ely, and 7.5 miles from Chatteris) and the B1381 road (7.5 miles from Earith). This latter road is a relatively modern addition. The preferred exit to the west of Sutton used to be by the footbridge or road which crosses the Bedford Rivers and their flood plain by the ford at Sutton Gault. This road still leads out of the village via Ferry Hill to Chatteris, but even when the water is not across the road it is not recommended for the fast or badly sprung. Cambridge and Peterborough are each about 45 minutes away from Sutton by car.

Very many years ago, there used to be two ferries for foot passengers across the New and Old Bedford Rivers and their flood plains part way to Earith but, looking at the sparsely populated farmlands over the water, it is hard to see how they ever ran at a profit.

Stagecoach and Viscount bus services connect Sutton to the nearest cities and large towns as follows: 84 to Chatteris and Cambridge, 124 Mepal and Cambridge, 355 Ely and March (for onward connections to Peterborough). More detailed timetable information is available by phone from Cambridge County Council on 01223 317740.

There was a direct passenger rail service from Sutton station to Ely (to the East) and St Ives and beyond (to the West) until it was withdrawn in 1931. Now, the nearest rail service runs from Ely (north to Norwich, Kings Lynn, and Peterborough for onward travel (without a necessity to change if going to Manchester or Liverpool) to the midlands and north, south to Cambridge and London, and east to Ipswich (for Felixstowe) and Harwich for sea connections with mainland Europe.

The nearest International airport is London Stansted, about one and a half hours away from Sutton by car via the A142, A10 and M11 motorway.

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