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Quality made General Purpose Battle Armour by Russell Chalk

Russell Chalk is more than an enthusiast.
Like so many people associated with Re-enactment and Living History Societies, Russell is a no hope obsessive, as is his wife Rosemary.

All of the artifacts sold from this site are re-creations of genuine pieces. By CLICKING HERE  you will find ancient toothpicks, ear and orifice scrapers, tweezers, needle cases and boxes, carefully researched and hand crafted by Rosemary.

Russell's Armour is modeled on the the real thing, but being a horseman and jousting Knight, Russell makes the armour suitably comfortable and strong enough for riding, and each piece is carefully made to fit the measurements and requirements of each costumer.
Russell also makes Horse Armour, Long Bows and Shields.

Russell supplies 2 types of Battle Ready HeadGear

The Great Helm

The picture right shows The Great Helm. Used for extra protection for jousting and associated battle acts. The Great Helm is quality built to your head measurements, allowing for padding, and decorational requirements.
Padding requirements vary according to usage.
The Great Helm is supplied un-lined and unpadded.

The price of owning The Great Helmet is £160.00 +pp

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Bascinet Helmet.

The Bascinet was designed to be worn under the Great Helm for total protection, or on it's own for General Battle Field protection. Some Bascinet's had Aventails, whilst other had "pig face" visors, which fits to the front of the Helmet for facial protection during battles.
Russell makes his own Chain Mail from quality anti-corrosive steel wire. It is very delicate and time consuming work which is reflected in the final weight, feel and durability of the Bascenet Helmet.

The price of The Bascinet Helmet is £260.00 +pp
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Body Armour
Unless otherwise stated or requested, all armour is made from quality 18 gauge steel, which through experience, Russell has found to be comfortable, even whilst riding, and safe. In fact experimentation has proven Russell`s armour to with-stand arrows an other sharp projectiles and weaponry. The Arm and Neck openings are "Roped" for safety. All hinges are handmade for durability.
The Body Armour hinges on one side and is secured with leather straps the other.

The price of  Protective Body Armour is £540.00 +pp

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Arm Armour
The arms are one of the most important and complex pieces of armour. Russell's Arm Armour is made of many pieces to ensure flexibility in battle. To be able to ride and fight successfully is as crucial to the Knights of the New Era as it was for the men who's lives depended on the quality and workmanship of the armour makers of old.

The price of  Protective and Flexible Arms Armour is £350.00 +pp
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Armoured Gauntlets
Russell's Armoured Gauntlets are built around a pair of high quality and durable suede/leather gloves of suitable hand size for the prospective owner.

The two designs are shown here.

Both pairs of Armoured Gauntlets are fully functional for sword dueling, riding and other re-enactment activities.
The differences between the variations are minimal and are down to personal preferences. Mitten.
The ornate decorations on the Hour Glass Gauntlets, the wider, shorter armed version make it the more expensive of these two quality Armoured Gauntlets.

The price of a pair of Armoured Gauntlets is £90.00 to £120.00 +pp
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Armoured Leg Harness for Leg Protection.
Like the Arm Armour, need to be comfortable, flexible, hard-wearing and durable. Leg Harnesses made by Russell are just that. Made with quality hinges, and expertly precision riveted moving parts for show and for functionality.

The price of a pair of Armoured Leg Harnesses is £350.00 +pp
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Armoured Foot Sabertons

Simply inform Russell of your boot size, girth and sole width and within a few weeks your quality multi-pivoting foot armour will be adding authenticity to your show presence. Indeed, if Armoured Battle is your calling, Russell Chalk Armour is tried and tested on foot, and on horse-back, for military panache', and for extreme battle extraveganzaar.

The price of a pair of Armoured Foot Protectors is £160.00 +pp
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Prices may vary according to individual requirements.
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Russell works alone, but would like to take on an apprentice. Please order ahead to ensure delivery.