Ely City WI Craft Bomb Ely in Honour of King Charles 3rd.


Ely City Women’s Institute members have been out in force bigger, better and brighter than before to decorate Ely in honour of the Coronation of His Majesty the King.

Our extremely talented members have been busy crocheting, making pom poms, creating bunting and constructing wreaths in red, white and blue. The beautiful handiwork adorns our wonderful city ready for the momentous celebrations for King Charles III.

A spokesperson from the WI said that “this is our best yet. The time, effort and energy that has gone into this project is beyond compare”. Noting that “many people will be joining in with the celebrations over the Coronation weekend, and what better way to be a part of that than to do something like this on such a grand scale?!”

Sessions House and Palace Green in Ely are just a few of the locations that have been ‘craft-bombed’. One member commented that “His Majesty is a patron of many charities, and even convened ‘The Campaign for Wool’ in 2010 to raise awareness of the benefits of wool, particularly from a sustainability point of view. This tribute is a nod to this with much of the display being made from wool”.

One of the eye-catching pieces is the Union Jack Flag displayed outside Sessions House in Lynn Road. This particular work of art has had an outing before when it was lovingly displayed as part of the Jubilee festivities in 2022. Creator, President Sheila Willson was keen to go “bigger and better for the coronation!”. Noting that “our members really do love a chance to showcase their creativity and talent”.

Much like the Coronation which will reflect on the King’s role today and clear vision of the future; the WI is also rooted with longstanding traditions. Giving its members a voice along with many chances to be involved in the various campaigns, on a wide range of issues; Ely City WI and His Majesty are seemingly united with their support of causes relating to the environment and communities to name a few.

The Coronation Craft Bomb will be on display until 20th May and you can view them at the Old Courthouse, the Market Square and Palace Green. Why not see just how creative Ely City WI are?

If this inspires you, then perhaps you would like to get involved?

You can visit our website: https://wielycity.wixsite.com/home or find us

You can visit our website: https://wielycity.wixsite.com/home or find us on Facebook and Instagram (just search Ely City WI). You can also email us at elycitywi@yahoo.com

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