When you’re a student, it can be pretty tough to keep on top of your finances. However, there are definitely some ways you can earn some beer tokens. This guide will teach you 10 ways to make extra money as a student.

Participate in online surveys

All you need to do is sign up to an online site that will send out surveys by email for you to complete. You can use these sites to get money off flights or even just a gift card!

Sell stuff

No matter what you have, you can sell it online and make yourself some extra cash. You could put your old clothes on eBay, sell that expensive watch you never wear, or even use Gumtree to sell your old CDs.

Search the web for coupons

It’s always worth looking online for coupon codes. You can save yourself a long time of scouring the web if you go straight to sites like Voucher Codes Pro or Promo Code Buster, where you will find all up-to-date deals and discounts.

Review apps and websites

If you have a smartphone, literally hundreds of apps will pay you to test their site or product. Once you set up an account and start testing the app, you get paid for each one.

Teach a skill

You can always make money by teaching other people a skill. For example, if you play an instrument, teach other people how to play it. If you know how to play poker, practice at the best UK online casino and share your skills.

Sell your notes

If you’re a good student, why not sell your notes online? There’s nothing wrong with this as long as it doesn’t become too much of a habit. Plus, if you need to get an A in that French exam next week, you might really appreciate them.

Sell course books

It’s always a good idea to sell your old books when you get new ones. You can post them on eBay, put them up on Facebook, or just take them down to the local market and see what you can get for them.

Buy and sell websites

If you really want something valuable to work with, you could buy and sell websites. You can usually get good money for them, or you could create a site to release your own content or just make some extra cash on the side.

Become a freelance model

Why not make some extra money as a model? They come in all shapes and sizes. Use sites to find jobs in your area and get paid for doing something that comes naturally. You might think that modelling is the easiest job in the world, but it takes more than just looking good.

Become a Sitter

If you like kids, why not look for paid babysitting jobs? There will usually be quite a few parents looking for someone to look after their child while they work so it’s definitely worth looking into!

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