The concept of the virtual meeting is now so ingrained into the modern workplace, it might be difficult to imagine a time when this was not in fact the case.

This does not necessarily mean they get easier to host, however, as the process of organising even a fairly small workforce can prove to be shambolic without the right preparation.

In order to avoid turning your efforts at hosting a virtual meeting into yet another hilarious viral video, here are some points you might want to think about.

Rent a Coworking Space for the Day

In an effort to get around having to host a virtual meeting at all, it might be time to consider renting a coworking space for your collaborative needs.

This can be a great alternative to having all of your staff members return to the regular office, and a superb way to meet face-to-face in a neutral location.

Moreover, there are some fantastic London coworking spaces to choose from, which may be worth thinking about for anyone wishing to get the most value out of your money.

Cut Down on Attendees

Hosting virtual meetings can be hard at the best of times, but when there is a huge number of people involved, it can quickly become a stress-inducing concept.

In this regard, it is certainly worth limiting the number of attendees, and checking who exactly it is that needs to be at the meeting, this way you might save yourself some time and confusion.

Mute Everyone When You Talk

If you are hosting a virtual meeting riddled with background noises, coughs, sniffs and interruptions, it will likely hinder your ability to remain calm.

Muting everyone while you talk can counteract this, and if people need to ask questions, they could write them in the chat or even put their hands up if you want to go the traditional route.

Set Rules at the Beginning

Laying out parameters before the meeting starts can be a good way of filling everyone in on a little housekeeping.

For example, you could write down a list of points that details how to ask questions, whether or not they need talk or be seen on video, and perhaps most importantly, how long you are planning on making the meeting last.

This last point is important because it sets a predetermined timeframe in which to conduct, and hopefully, end the meeting promptly.

Visual Aids/Presentations/Agenda

Keeping your remote workforce engaged at meetings can be a daunting endeavour, particularly if they are required to sit and listen without interaction for a huge length of time.

Any visual aids you can come up with while you host can help keep them occupied and hold their attention, whether this is a presentation you have prepared, or even just the agenda for what you hope to achieve by conducting the meeting, every detail can help.

Make Sure You Have the Right Equipment

From the computer itself to the webcam, the microphone and headphones, if you need to host regular meetings for your remote workforce, investing in new and reliable equipment is a must.

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